Whether you’ve just launched your store on Shopify or are growing your business, a referral marketing program is essential for building brand awareness and acquiring high-value customers at a low cost. See how Grobo automated a referral marketing process in one minute and continues to drive powerful recommendations from its happy customers. About Grobo Growing is hard. It’s not easy to get (and keep) a “green thumb”. Yet with Grobo, the market leader in the grow box space, growing a plant involves zero guesswork. Founded in 2014, Grobo’s roots are based on Bjorn Dawson’s (CEO and Founder) combined passion for mechanical

Covid-19 has undoubtedly affected the e-commerce industry. For one thing, people have shifted towards shopping online to avoid leaving their homes as much as possible. As a result, many online store owners have doubled their ad spend in hopes to reach new customers.  But what if you don’t want to spend more money on your ads than you already do? Especially if you want to put some money aside during these uncertain times. Luckily, there’s something you can do. In this blog post, we’re exploring five alternative ways to attract traffic to your Shopify store for free! Let’s dig in.   1. Work with