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9 Tactics for Maximizing the Power of Product Reviews with Loox

Vera Smirnoff, Marketing Director at Loox


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Jan 27

A beautiful store? Check!

Awesome products? Check!

What’s next? Obviously generating traffic!

Not so fast.

Before you start working on driving traffic to your store, you want to verify that your pages are optimized for conversions. Once the visitors start pouring in, converting browsers into buyers isn’t always simple.

Fine-tuning your store for conversions has many elements to it: user experience, design, funnel optimization, great copy, awesome products, and great product photos. But social proof is probably one of the easiest things to implement that will undoubtedly have a huge impact on your conversions.

When it comes to buying things online – trust is everything, and nothing builds trust as effectively as social proof in the form of reviews and testimonials. As any other tool though, reviews need to be used effectively. Here are 9 tactics to get the most out of your reviews with Loox.

How to get the most out of your product reviews with Loox – Shopify reviews app

Shopify merchants boost conversion rates by 91% with photo reviews, here’s how:

Step 1: Set up your review request emails

Step 2: Set up your  timing for best results

Step 3: Import reviews from any source

Step 4: Schedule reminders

Step 5: Boost conversion rates on product pages with reviews

Step 6: Create a dedicated page for all your reviews

Step 7: Showcase reviews in a popup

Step 8: Add the Loox Sidebar

Step 9: Setup the reviews Carousel on your homepage

Step 1: Set up your review request emails

Building strong trust requires genuine reviews. When customers see real people using your products they are much more likely to click the checkout button.

With Loox you can easily schedule automatic, fully branded review requests and reminders to encourage your customers to snap a picture and leave a review. Here are some tips on how to make your review requests the most effective they can be.

Default settings are just that – a default. They work, but, by customizing email subjects, body, adding your branding and asking the right questions you can adjust review requests to better fit your audience and get tons of reviews.

So first things first, before generating sales, make sure to set up your review request emails to fit your brand and your audience. This way each happy customer will become your marketing asset for future sales!

  1. Upload your logo
  2. Edit the subject line
  3. Ask the right questions by adjusting our default review request form

Step 2: Set up your  timing for best results:

By default, your request review emails are scheduled to be sent out 14 days after your customer bought a product. But you don’t have to settle for default!  The best thing you can do is to customize the timing according to the time it takes to deliver your products. You can also schedule the review request to be sent when your customer actually received their order.

  1. Adjust the timing of your review request emails
  2. Schedule emails by actual delivery dates

Step 3: Add reviews to shopify from any source

Already got reviews? Use them from day one.

If you are migrating to Shopify from another platform, or if you are dropshipping products with existing reviews, you can easily import reviews to your Shopify store and benefit from strong social proof from day one.

  1. How to Import product reviews with photos from any source with a spreadsheet
  2. How to easily Import reviews  from AliExpress

Step 4: Schedule reminders

Merchants who send out reminders generate 30% more reviews.

Reminder emails go out 7 days after the first review request email (only for items that weren’t reviewed yet), letting the customer know that you’re still awaiting their review.

Many times, customers would be happy to review your product, but your first review request got them at the wrong time – they either didn’t get the product yet, didn’t try it or simply were too busy when they opened your email.

This simple action will generate 30% more photo reviews from your customers, so it is worth investing 30 seconds into setting it up.

  1. What are review request reminders?
  2. What are photo reminders?

Step 5: Boost conversion rates on product pages with reviews

What is the number one conversion killer? Lack of trust.

Your product pages are undoubtedly your best-converting pages. But do they convert as well as they possibly could?  If you are not using social proof on your product pages, you are missing out on conversions, big time.

Add review galleries showcasing real customers using your products, and see your conversion rates skyrocket.

  1. Display stunning review galleries on product pages
  2. Display star ratings higher up on your product pages
  3. Display all reviews on every product page

Step 6: Create a dedicated page for all your reviews

Direct your customers to reviews page to build strong trust with your visitors

When you showcase all your store’s reviews on a dedicated page, you create a social proof powerhouse that builds strong trust. The visitor can see the feedback for all your products, not just a specific one that they are interested in. This creates an accumulative effect that is difficult to ignore.

Step 7: Showcase reviews in a popup

Popups are a contested topic. If used excessively, they can definitely turn off your visitors. But what if you use it right? Loox Popup Widget combines the power of social proof, relevance and a strong call to action to bring you more sales! Skyrocket your conversions by setting it up today.

Step 8: Add the Loox Sidebar

Make it easy for your store’s visitors to access all your reviews by clicking a “Reviews”  button on the side of your screen.

Step 9:  Setup the reviews Carousel on your homepage

Boost conversions on your homepage with strong social proof

With the Loox Homepage Carousel, you can highlight selected reviews in a stunning carousel widget anywhere on your homepage. Use it to showcase the top-selling products and surface the best customer reviews to boost credibility, trust, conversions, and sales.

Image Source: (using the Loox carousel)

Optimize your store for conversions with strong social proof that looks great!

You’ve spent countless hours perfecting your store, getting the necessary apps, researching products and deciding on your marketing strategy. So before you start driving traffic to your store, make sure that all your pages are benefiting from strong social proof.

Vera Smirnoff, Marketing Director at Loox