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How this Shopify Plus store created enormous demand for their product with photo reviews

“As long as you’ve got a good product and good reviews, there is no scenario where you’ve used Loox and your conversion rate doesn’t go up” … Read More

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Meet The Loox Popup Widget

The Loox Popup makes sure that relevant customers are seeing the happiness your products have brought into the lives of others and encourages them to take the leap as they browse. … Read More

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InstantSearch+ integration

Loox integration with InstantSearch+ empowers Shopify merchants to boost conversions and sales by showcasing product ratings in highly relevant search results … Read More

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Integration with Facebook Tabs

Show off your beautiful photo reviews right on your Facebook business page with Facebook Tabs integration. … Read More

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How Euphoric herbals boosts conversions with Loox photo reviews

Scaling to six figures through word of mouth – the Euphoric Herbals story

“When people can see pictures, it creates a different way for buyers to interact with the brand and I’ve been able to leverage that to encourage even more people to leave reviews.”​ … Read More

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ice and loox photo reviews case study

How ICE boosts conversions with user-generated photo reviews

“We are upwards of 8% conversion rate, which is pretty amazing. Just that alone is a proof of how important social proof is for buyers in the jewellery space.” … Read More

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Loox and searchnise integration

Searchanise integration

Loox integration with Searchanise empowers Shopify merchants to add the power of social proof to store search and boost sales and conversions by displaying star ratings in search results. … Read More

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20 Shopify and Ecommerce Experts Share Their Top Tactics For Boosting Conversion Rates

When the top 20 Shopify and Ecommerce experts from all walks of life share their most valuable tactics for boosting conversion rates, it pays to listen! … Read More

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PushOwl integration

Loox integration with PushOwl empowers Shopify merchants to engage customers across mobile and web, get tons of reviews and boost trust and sales. … Read More

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