COVID-19 has completely changed the world, permanently. Yet these challenging times have also presented an opportunity for innovation, especially in the realm of eCommerce. In particular, Black Friday 2020 is predicted to be a shopping season of dramatic change and movement to entirely online. These shifts are the result of significant changes to our habits, expectations, and routine. Specifically, 92 percent of shoppers say that their shopping habits have been impacted due to COVID-19. Gone are the days of queuing up at 12am to claim the latest entertainment devices from your favorite electronics retailer. No more elbowing. No more crowds. So

There are so many benefits to using Shopify as a platform for your e-commerce store. The first and most notable advantage is being able to make use of an app store that offers virtually everything you could think of!  Starting out on Shopify may seem daunting, but once you know which apps and tools to look for, you will be able to set up a professional online shop in a flash. Here are the best Shopify apps to use to help your e-commerce store grow and thrive. Loox Loox is a product reviews app that allows you to collect photo reviews from your

When you’re shopping online, do you ever look at the reviews before making a purchase? That’s because you’re looking to see how credible the product is.  Recommendations and reviews from real people rather than paid ads make you more likely to trust the source. In fact, one survey found that 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. This helps shoppers discover quality brands and make confident purchases.  By offering rewards to customers who give product reviews, you’re incentivizing them to stay loyal to you, and you’re acquiring new customers through honest and real messages from real

Would you want to eat at a restaurant that was empty on a Saturday night?  Would you go see a movie that had zero reviews?  How would you feel if your dentist or surgeon told you they had no other patients?  Human beings are social by nature. We look to others to see if we are making the right decisions. Although there are times when we fiercely value our individuality, that doesn’t apply when it comes to parting with our hard-earned money.  Nobody wants to feel like they’re going first when making a major buying decision. Shoppers feel safe in a ‘virtual crowd’, surrounded

We know it’s not easy to try and stay informed and up to date on all that’s going on in the world of Shopify. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it on your own. There are many incredible leaders in the dropshipping and Shopify field that are ready and willing to share their advice and insight with you. These Shopify experts regularly generate great content.  When you take the time to learn from a Shopify influencer (like the 13 experts we’ve highlighted below), you’ll discover: How to build and grow your brand Proven marketing techniques How to boost sales What it takes

Landing pages are essential for generating leads and increasing your conversion rate. Here are some tips to make the perfect Shopify landing page.  The importance of making landing pages cannot be understated. When it comes to lead generation, purpose-built landing pages are one of the most effective tools in the eCommerce merchant’s toolkit.  Why are landing pages so important?  The most effective 25% of landing pages have an average conversion rate of more than 5%, while the very best exceed an average 11% conversion rate.  Think, if you bring 100,000 people to your landing page, you’d have 11,000 sales. That’s a pretty nice