Becoming the category leader with UGC - the DockATot story

Becoming the category leader with UGC – the DockATot story



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"UGC and reviews are the bread and butter of what we do"
Elina Furman, Marketing Director, DockATot
Elina Furman
Director of Marketing, DockATot
"UGC and reviews are the bread and butter of what we do"
Elina Furman, Marketing Director, DockATot
Elina Furman
Director of Marketing, DockATot

Meet DockATot


DockATot is the original, game-changing baby lounger and co-sleeper from Sweden. DockATot is a multi-functional, innovative and super-stylish must-have for parents with tots ages 0-36 months.

The combination of superb design, functionality, innovation, exceptional quality and value for money – is the hallmark of everything the brand embodies. 

When DockATot launched in the US in 2015 there was simply nothing else like it on the market.  The brand has blasted onto the scene with an exceptional product that moms all over the world are absolutely in love with, quickly establishing and dominating a brand-new category in the US market. 

 The Challenge

Highlighting mom’s story with UGC

Collecting and distributing user-generated reviews has always been the cornerstone of the brand’s marketing efforts.

“Our top strategy has always been highlighting the mom’s story.  It is not a secret that moms take advice from each other when making purchasing decisions. For mothers, hearing about other mom’s experiences is one of the top criteria for purchasing a product online and on social media.”

Making it easy and compelling for mothers to share their experiences with others has been the priority from day one.


The Solution

DockATot was looking a solution to help moms spread the word through photos and social media friendly reviews of their new favorite baby product.

My job was really to capitalize on the positive commentary and positive conversations around our brand and to figure out the best way to leverage customer reviews and user generated content in order to create virality and, ultimately, sell more products."


“Our main goal with marketing has always been to promote the peer to peer recommendation aspect and to help moms spread the word.”

User generated content is at the center of DockATot’s marketing strategy and everything is built around it.  The focus is not only on generating tons of reviews, but also on sharing those reviews through all available marketing channels.

When you have a product that everybody loves, it is extremely important for the brand to maintain  authenticity and transparency and to  concentrate on authentic reviews.  So while other companies in the baby product niche have been pouring hefty budgets into influencer marketing,  DockATot hasn’t spent a penny on incentivizing influencers,  concentrating on sending their product to selected influencers as well as encouraging each customer to become a brand ambassador by leaving  a photo review.

When you have a product that everybody loves, its important to keep that authenticity to show that these are in fact real reviews.

There is nothing like photo reviews that show a product being used by a real customer to communicate customer happiness. Having a photo in addition to text adds a layer of transparency where you can see the product  being used by real people. The photo creates trust in a way that no other review solution can offer. “There is nothing to show that this is a real review like a photo.”

 The Results

The Results

  • 2800+ stunning, mobile-optimized photo reviews 

“Even if you cannot always necessarily trace it back to Loox, you can tell that those types of reviews are having great effect on overall conversion of the site.”

  • Generating tons of UGC content for marketing

People see review galleries on our store’s pages, we use photo reviews in our social media marketing, we use reviews in our emails. So Loox created an additional layer of content that is available to us for marketing purposes.”

  • Generating sales with Loox Upsell and social sharing

“We have almost 2800 reviews,  And we have generated $2457 in sales from Loox in the last 90 days.”

The beautifully rendered photo review pages with all our user generated photos really sell products like nothing else. So if you have a product that people love, I highly recommend Loox
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