How Dart Boosts Conversions with Visual Reviews

Meet Dart Flyscreens

Back in 1995 Steve was searching for a flyscreen for his Ducati Monster. He couldn’t find one on the market, so he decided to make his own. As a true entrepreneur, he decided to make not just one, but to make sixty.  And this is how Dart Flyscreens was born.

Fast forward to 2018 and Dart Flyscreens is a premium bike accessories manufacturer covering all major motorcycle brands with customers all over the world.

Steve personally designs each screen with utmost care – it has to be right, it has to fit properly to each individual bike, it has to work well but also it has to look good.

The Challenge: Putting customers’ minds at ease

Dart Flyscreens’ first sale was to a customer in Madison, Wisconsin. Up to this day, Dart Flyscreens export around 85% of their products. Since the majority of customers can’t come to a physical store and see the product for themselves, social proof in the form of customer testimonials is absolutely essential.

The relationship between motorcyclists and their bike is a close one, and as a rider, you want the best for your bike. Screens are no different, and when it comes to making the decision, there is nothing better than the testimonial of somebody who is already an owner.

The Solution: Loox

Dart Flyscreens were looking for a solution to make it as easy and compelling as possible for customers to leave a review that shows what the product actually looks like in real life. Enter...Loox.

Focusing on photo reviews

The main selling point for a flyscreen is that the customer can see how the screen would actually look on his bike. The visual aspect is crucial – the screen is always in your field of view when riding, so it’s essential that it looks like it belongs.

When Kane Avellano joined the company as Business Change Manager, he immediately felt that although there were lots of testimonials on their website, none of them were showing what the product actually looks like in real life. A solution geared to generation and display of photo reviews was absolutely essential for the brand.

Putting customers’ minds at ease

For a customer, there is quite a bit of financial risk involved, so it’s essential to know that the manufacturer is trustworthy, that the product is used by real people and that it is popular.

“It is essential to make it as easy and compelling as possible for customers to leave a review. Nearly two thousand photo reviews we have gathered with Loox provide us with a lot of value and it makes customer service so much easier because customers have much fewer questions, they are much more confident in their purchase and they can see that these reviews are real.”

The Results

So far we gathered over 2,000 visual reviews (and counting.) Each product page now has dozens of reviews with photos showcasing happy customers.

  • Since we installed Loox we have seen a significant increase in engagement with the customers and much less incoming support. Since customers can see real photos that show how the product looks on specific bike models, we get much fewer people inquiring about the product prior to purchase.
  • We have no doubt that Loox has increased conversion rate considerably.

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