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How Dreamland Baby Uses Loox's Social Proof to Drive Business

Dreamland Baby is a premier line of wearable weighted blankets for babies. In less than 2 years the business has gone from a hopeful idea to a company doing everything in their power to keep their inventory stocked. It would be an understatement to say this product has become a game-changer for many parents who just want their babies to sleep. With the implementation of Loox, the company’s business has grown even further by giving their target audience the social proof they’re seeking to know that the product works.

We know how difficult it can be to start an online retailing business from the ground up. There are a million and one essentials to consider. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just tell you what you need?

Today Dreamland Baby is sharing their experience with the Shopify visual review app, Loox. We thought what better way to help another company streamline their process of getting their Shopify store up and running by sharing how helpful this app has been for a growing company’s business. (Spoiler alert – You’re going to want this one!)

Before we get into just how we use Loox on our website, here’s a bit of background on our company.

About Dreamland Baby

In 2018, Dreamland Baby founder Tara Williams was beside herself over the fact that her 6-month-old son was still waking up every hour and a half. As a mom of four she was exhausted. One night as she was sitting next to him on the couch she tucked him under a heavy blanket and the calm that came over him was instant. This is the moment when she knew what she needed for him – a wearable weighted blanket.

After getting a prototype sewn by her mother-in-law and using it with her young son, he slept for 12 hours straight! She knew her idea was solid. After running a successful Kickstarter campaign, production began on a line of weighted wearable blankets in June 2019.

If you’ve ever used a weighted blanket yourself then you know the benefits are anything but a gimmick. It was only a matter of time before someone realized how helpful it would be for babies to have something similar to help calm and relax them for bedtime.

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A few of the notable features include:
  • The gentle weight increases serotonin and melatonin both of which help induce sleep
  • Allows your baby to feel like they’re being wrapped in a gentle hug
  • Helps baby fall asleep faster independently and stay asleep longer

Dreamland Baby is experiencing amazing growth and they are incredibly grateful for the partnering businesses that are helping them achieve success.

Loox is one such company that’s helping Dreamland Baby to thrive in the competitive baby gear space by giving their potential customers the social proof they need to feel confident in their purchases.

How Dreamland Baby Relies on Loox for Social Proof and Credibility

Loox has been an invaluable resource from a marketing standpoint within the business.

We know how much it matters to new parents to see the product being used by peacefully sleeping babies. Being a new mom is uncharted territory and even with subsequent children, you realize that no two are alike! Which makes moms feel like they are questioning every move they make – knowing this is the most important job they’ll ever have and they want to do it right.

Photo Reviews Allow for Social Proof and Credibility

Reviews are one of the ways that we at Dreamland Baby can give our customers the trust they need that our product is worth every penny and will help their baby be happier and healthier through improved sleep. We love:

  • That the photos show parents what our product looks like in “real life”
  • How potential customers can easily see product star ratings to feel confident that the product works
  • Cleanly formatted text reviews for customers to read specifics about the buyer’s experience
  • That it displays the specific product purchased – in our case, parents looking to purchase a swaddle weighted blanket, for example, can easily focus on those reviews in particular

Though not every customer who leaves a review includes a photo, many do! That’s because Loox allows for a discount option for anyone who chooses to submit one and that’s worked really well for us. We send all photo reviews to the top so that our potential customers always see those first. Those beautiful, peacefully sleeping babies are hard to ignore!

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Other Loox Features that We Love

If you head to our Dreamland Baby reviews page, it’s easy to see why Loox works. But those cleanly laid out reviews are just what you see on the outside.

Loox also works behind the scenes to help our company to continue the stream of incoming reviews including:

  • Offer a Discount – We love that we can give our previous customers an incentive to leave a photo review that strengthens our product’s social proof…it’s a win-win!
  • Set Reminders – Having the ability to enable reminders to send our customers about leaving a review increases the percent chance that we will ultimately get a review submitted from them.
  • Scheduling E-mails – It’s great that we can schedule our e-mails to send to our customers at the perfect time – when they’ve had a chance to use it and are most excited to share their love for the product with the world

The credibility that this app allows for our company is undeniable. It shows in the thousands of dollars in sales it drives for us every month. How do we know? Because we can directly track how much revenue is being driven by Loox with the coupon codes we send our customers for leaving a photo review. The service pays for itself over and over again and is a no brainer for any Shopify site.

Comparing Loox to Other Shopify Review Apps

Setting up a Shopify store that runs successfully requires time and energy spent on including the apps that do more for the business beyond just making it look pretty. Loox is an app that boosts conversion – in other words, turning a window-shopper into a buyer.

Though it’s not the only one out there – it has been a smart business decision to use Loox and we can’t imagine using anyone else for this marketing portion of Dreamland Baby’s business. After having a nightmare experience with another company, everything Loox offered as a breath of fresh air. Not only were the features unmatched, but the cost, customer service, and the team’s expertise are just a few other noteworthy aspects of Loox. They are always receptive to feedback.