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How BlendJet Created Enormous Demand with Product Reviews

Meet BlendJet

BlendJet was founded in San Francisco, California with a very ambitious goal: to make a powerful blender that you can take anywhere!

The two co-founders, John Zheng and Ryan Pamplin have launched BlendJet in July 2018 and  the brand scaled rapidly into one of the most successful Shopify Plus stores.

Combining Ryan’s massive experience of producing TV commercials and online video ads for Fortune 500 brands with John’s expertise in running eight-figure budgets for brands including Disney, Atom Tickets, and Glassdoor, BlendJet have rapidly grown into a globally recognized brand.

Today the company is serving over one million customers in over 195 countries, empowering people across the globe to enjoy fresh smoothies, shakes, and  baby food on the go.

The Challenge: Building a brand in an era of a trust crisis

You know your business is trustworthy, and your products are awesome, but your potential customers might not be so sure. People mistrust businesses and have learned to tune out marketing messages directed at them.

In eCommerce, the lack of trust manifests in many ways. Customers may be less likely to complete checkout after adding items to cart. They may be less willing to click on your ads or convert on your landing pages. And if they don’t trust you, they won’t do business with you.

“We have a product that really works.  But we make the product, and therefore customers assume that we are going to say whatever we have to say in order to sell.  So we can make videos and take photos of our product all day long –  it won’t convince anyone to trust our brand. Our main challenge was – how can we credibly prove to people that our product  does what we say it does and that people love it as much as they do?”

The Solution: Loox

BlendJet was looking for a solution to generate strong trust by giving their customers a voice and empowering them to share photos showcasing their experience with the product. Enter...Loox.

Trust is hard to come by these days.  According to the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, the industry standard for measuring consumer trust, less than a half of the general population in the United States trusts businesses.  And this makes user-generated content an invaluable brand building tool. BlendJet was able to create strong trust by showcasing customer stories from all over the world:

“If you look through our reviews you can see  people from  all walks of life. You see people who live in villages in Africa using our product. You see students at top universities, stay at home moms, and people in the gym. You see  people taking their BlendJet to the lake, making some frozen Margaritas on a boat, you see people taking it on cruises. You have flight attendants using it on the plane. I mean it’s everywhere!”

When it comes to powerful marketing content, there is nothing more valuable than word of mouth recommendation from someone you know. When such a recommendation is not available, the next best thing for most people is online reviews. But not all reviews are created equal.  When customers see genuine customer photos by real people it builds strong trust.

“Loox provides social proof that everyone trusts and believes. It is hard to measure how important that is to the process that our customer goes through. From seeing our ad for the first time to going to our website, to hitting the add to cart button and then putting their payment information. And all that on a website of a company that they have just heard of 10 minutes before.”

The Results:
Generating tons of repeat purchases

“We give $5 coupon for next purchase to customers who submit a photo review. And that gets a lot of people to come back. We’ve made more money from the sales than we ever spent on Loox. So even if the reviews did nothing to increase our conversion rate Loox has more than paid for itself multiple times over.”</p> <p>“There is no other software that is as well crafted, as visually appealing and simple to use from an administration perspective, but more importantly from a user’s perspective than Loox. It’s 100% reliable, it has never let us down, it makes more money then it costs just in repeat business we get from customers who have uploaded photos and got a coupon and they’ve come back and bought more.”

Generating tons of UGC content for marketing

“People see review galleries on our store’s pages, we use photo reviews in our social media marketing, we use reviews in our emails. So Loox created an additional layer of content that is available to us for marketing purposes.”

And the best part, since BlendJet began utilizing Loox, its collected over 54K reviews and counting! Wow!

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