How BlendJet Added An Extra $238K In Sales With Loox Referrals

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Do you know Ryan Pamplin and John Zheng? Today you will meet them (and their multi-million dollar e-commerce business).

They founded a company called BlendJet. And they did it with one clear goal: to build the strongest portable blender ever.

They wanted the world to say goodbye to buying several blenders for different use cases. They wanted the world to have just one blender. For everything. From smoothies to pancake dough. From hummus to champagne cocktails.

And they achieved this.

Now, four years later, they are a global player!

BlendJet is crushing it. Literally.

Fruits, Ice, Oreos, and their referral program!

They added an extra $238,515 USD in revenue. On auto-pilot. Just from their referral program.

Here’s their story:

With more competition and iOS updates that gave Facebook ad managers sleepless nights, BlendJet faced a daunting problem.

The same problem every e-commerce brand faces:

Rapidly rising customer acquisition costs.

And because of that, Ryan and John didn’t want to rely on paid acquisition anymore. They want their business to be independent and equipped with tools that aren’t affected by big tech companies’ moods.

So they thought about starting a referral program. Happy customers should get a reward for bringing in their friends.

“But will this work straight out of the box?” John asked Ryan. “Let’s run a test”, he answered.

BlendJet had Loox already installed on their store because they needed an effective and automated way to collect photo and video reviews.

So they activated Loox referrals inside the app. Just to see if this can work.

It worked VERY well.

(Nearly $250K in additional revenue speaks for itself.)

This was in late 2020. 1.5 years ago. And they haven’t even touched their referral program since then.

It’s a true set-and-forget system.

Look, I know what you’re thinking right now: “this only works for a big brand like BlendJet”.

Not true. The average extra revenue across ALL Shopify stores that are using Loox referrals is $4,260 USD (referral add-on starts at only $5/mo).

BlendJet even used the same designs and copy as everyone else: the Loox default ones - optimized for conversions.

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Roseanna A.
Nothing like blending berries and ice to make a slushee during the Panama Canal transit! So versatile and easy to use. Perfect for grabbing something quick and blending it to make a healthy juice, smoothie or protein shake. Love the colour too!

BlendJet’s Four-Step Strategy to Add an Extra $238,515 in Revenue (on Auto-Pilot)

It’s no magic.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Inside the Loox platform’s “Referrals” settings menu, click “Add Referrals to your plan”:
Loox Referral setup image guide, part 1
  1. Toggle “Add Loox Referrals for $5” on and select your Loox plan:
Loox Referral setup image guide, part 2
  1. With Loox Referrals activated and ready to go, navigate to the “Referrals” - “Offer” settings page:
Loox Referral setup image guide, part 3
  1. Select your preferred discount incentive and set your discount amount:
Loox Referral setup image guide, part 4

These four simple steps made BlendJet almost $250K in extra revenue. And it continues to grow.

And the number grows for everyone...

It works so well because it’s simple for your customers. Unlike other referral systems, you don’t need to ask your customers to sign-up for anything:

  1. They buy your product.
  2. They instantly get their referral code on their order-confirmation page (they don’t need to check their emails).
  3. They share their referral code with friends and family.

Easy. No friction at all. Straight from the checkout to the referral code in less than a second.

Now, if you want to use the same referral program as BlendJet does (and Sennheiser, and Happy Way, and many more of Loox’s 100K+ Shopify merchants), all you have to do is:

  1. Get Loox for your Shopify store today.
  2. Activate Loox referrals.
  3. Loox will take care of everything else for you. From design to rewarding.

Click here to test your own referral program free for 14 days (and add extra revenue).

Bonus: You’ll not just get a referral program, but also boost your store’s social proof by collecting visual product reviews from your customers. BlendJet collected more than 53,000 photo and video reviews so far with Loox.

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review star icon review star icon review star icon review star icon review star icon
Brittany B.
I love my BlendJet! The orbiter lid makes it easy to drink my smoothies on the go.
review client image example
review star icon review star icon review star icon review star icon review star icon
Jhony M.
Best surf body... I travel a lot and in the past I could not have my shakes but that changed completely after my blendjet. I take it every where with me now.

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