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Built-In Fraud Detection

Ensure that only legitimate customers participate in your referral program

Loox user BlendJet is a global ecommerce player. Part of their success is referral marketing that is powered by Loox. In this post, we reveal their 4-step strategy. Step-by-step. (It made them $238K).
Case Study

How BlendJet Added an Extra $238K in Sales With Referrals (4-Step Strategy Inside)

"I don’t think this brand would have grown from something that no one had heard of less than a year ago into where we are today, if it wasn’t for the confidence instilled in our customers by all of the incredible reviews that are powered by Loox."

Ryan Pamplin
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Referral Marketing on Autopilot

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Recognized as the easiest referral marketing solution in the industry

Flexible Discounts

Select the discount amount and structure that best fits your business

Measurable Revenue

Easily track your total revenue driven by Loox Referrals

Multi-Channel Sharing

Encourage your customers to talk about your brand across social media, email, and SMS

This is one of the best apps on shopify. It helps upsell and has gained us lots of referral orders and customer loyalty... We are very happy with it and have seen the % of sales increase with this tool.

Masks For All

Amplify the value of your audience

A simple referral solution that fits your business and boosts your sales

Attention-Grabbing Layout

Our plug and play discount template fits smoothly into your store’s theme

Adjustable Reward Format

Choose to reward just the recipient or also the advocate

Limitless Sharing Options

Effectively reach your customers’ network with native mobile and desktop sharing

Loyalty-Driving Gamification

Keep your customers coming back with reward balance reminders