How to build a bootstrapped UNICORN

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A No-Bullsh*t Company

As a bootstrapped company we must stick to what matters to get ahead; We can't get bogged down by office politics or bureaucracy, we can't afford to work on things that don't move the needle, or do things simply 'because that's how we always did it.’

Needle-movers in a Haystack

Loox is valued by more than 100,000 online stores around the world, serving more than 500 million shoppers every month.

How many companies do you know that operate on such a huge scale, with only 30+ people on their team?

We are a lean team that believes in thinking big, starting small, and moving fast. We mix creativity and vision with a ton of data, and make decisions that have impact on millions of people every day.

Power to the People

We empower online shoppers to express themselves, share their opinions, and to make better purchase decisions.

We empower business owners to engage with their happy customers and turn customer love into growth.

And we do it by empowering our team to take ownership of their domain, by being radically transparent, ensuring everyone has a seat at the table, and supporting a healthy work-life balance.

Up for the challenge?

Going into our 8th year, we are just getting started.

We are now building the next generation marketing platform, helping businesses succeed with the power of happy customers. As our vision grows, so does our team. We’re looking for people who want to take ownership, make an impact, do their best work and have a ton of fun in the process.

In addition to all of the expected perks, you’ll enjoy hybrid/remote work flexibility, a professional development path, a good night’s sleep, and NO BULLSH*T.