How to Build a Bootstrapped Unicorn

Well... that’s one way to do it

But for real now, we need your help

How to Build a Bootstrapped Unicorn

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Well... that’s one way to do it

But for real now, we need your help

We empower merchants to grow a trusted brand
with social proof

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This is the Loox way.

We are a lean team that believes in thinking big, starting small, and moving fast. We mix creativity and vision with a ton of data to chart our own path in the world.

Own it

We know success is only up to us.

Take initiative

Make things happen

Be fully accountable

Drive impact

We focus on moving the needle.

Breathe data

Take a lean approach

Double down on what works

Keep it simple

We don't waste time on bullshit.

Tell it like it is

Reduce complexity

Avoid bureaucracy

Work together

We play like a sports team.

Share your knowledge

Be highly responsive

Empower others

Level up

We become better over time.

Embrace feedback


Evolve everything we do

A diamond in the rough
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"The people are just amazing! Embracing, positive, and very smart. The environment encourages high-quality, well-paced work involving much authority and communication".
Love working at Loox
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"Love the atmosphere and the open communication within the company. The company's size is perfect as it allows you to really have an impact (even though we are planning to grow The hiring process was very quick and fair."
Highly pleased with Loox
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"Amazing people, good culture, work life balance that actually exist and the product is wonderful."
Small company huge impact
five stars image
"Loox's culture is open, supportive and really encourages creativity, innovation and big impact. Everyone is fully supported both professionally and personally. We work hybrid, so there is a nice balance of dedicated focus time and collaboration..."
The best of both worlds
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"Loox offers a unique work environment that combines the benefits of a small, talented team with the resources of a well-funded company. The company culture values employee contributions and provides opportunities for growth, with management that is approachable and supportive."
Amazing environment for personal & professional growth
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"Loox built an amazing culture that allows everyone to grow personally and professionally. Everyone is very supportive and there's no '24/7 hustle' mentality."
The best startup company to work for, PERIOD!
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"A great workplace with the best atmosphere I have ever experienced. A growing startup company is on its way to greatness, providing all its workers with unique opportunities to grow..."
A real start-up - without the finance issues (bootstrap)
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"The best people on the face of the start-up industry, both in the personal level & skill level. Quick development cycles, with focus on being well documented & tested. Great place to learn & focus on the stuff that actually matters."
Couldn't have asked for a better work place!
five stars image
"Absolutely the best workplace I've ever had. Apart from the great (and direct) impact you have by working with hundreds of thousands of clients all over the world, the people around you are amazing! Get things done - no BS."
An amazing company to work in!
five stars image
"Super great people to work with! Everyone's so professional, and the work atmosphere is like no other place I've worked in before."
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Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Developer
Ilan Aharonov
Technical Support Engineer
Amit Klausner
Product Manager
Senior Product Designer
Senior Product Manager
Full Stack Developer
VP Business Operations
Full Stack Developer
Liron Zehavi Temin
Motion Design Lead
Full Stack Developer
Product Marketing Manager
Anya Lashenko
Product Designer
Co-founder & CEO
Sapir Nassimi
Full Stack Developer
Moran Benisty
Co-founder & CTO
Cassidy Oberfeld
Product Education Manager
Senior Product Manager
HR & Recruitment Specialist
VP Growth
Rotem Serrouya
Technical Support Engineer
Full Stack Developer
Lilach Kushnir
Technical Support Engineer
Creative Designer
Sapir Shemesh
Product Education Specialist
Shany Holobinger
Customer Support Engineer
Product Education Specialist
Arielle Bitelman
Customer Support Engineer
VP Customer Experience
Tal Rozenblat
Technical Support Engineer
DevOps Lead
Yuli Peretz Calatchi
Creative Design Lead
Customer Support Engineer
DIma Yarovinsky-Yahel
VP Product & Design
Office Manager
Tamarry Tsarfati
Technical Support Engineer
Customer Support Professional Lead
QA Lead
Anat Goldberg
Head of Support