Bro Glo: From TikTok Sensation to Diversified Social Proof Marketing Strategy

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What started as a TikTok sensation turned into a fast-growing beauty brand for men.

When Tom, Joe, and Jaron, the three co-founders of Bro Glo started their journey in March 2021 to disrupt the men’s beauty industry, they didn’t know where this would lead to. With $1,000 to their business’s bank account, they went all in on buying 200 units of self-tanner for men.

Little did they know that they would reach more than 50,000 happy customers around the world. All through the power of Social Proof Marketing.

“Shoppers are skeptical. That’s why we use Loox to remove concerns by implementing Social Proof Marketing into our strategy and prove that our product is real and works as promised. This is paramount to convince people and to our success.”
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Co-founder, Bro Glo

The Challenge: Turn Skeptical Shoppers Into Raving Fans

Introducing products always comes with challenges. But introducing a self-tanner for men presents a unique set of challenges that Bro Glo had to overcome for successful market penetration.

Stemming from traditional beauty narratives that have overlooked men as potential customers, men are often less familiar with the application and benefits of self-tanners. Bro Glo knew that this lack of familiarity could result in misapplication of the product, not achieving the desired effect, and consequently, dissatisfaction of customers.

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Bill D.
My daughter, who self-tans all the time, asked me when I had been out in the sun. It's that natural looking! Now she keeps asking to use my Bro Glo, but I have to tell her, "No girls allowed!" Thanks for producing such a great product. 10/10 recommend.
“People are skeptical about our product. A lot of guys aren’t familiar with self-tanning and so the social proof you see on our website is paramount to convince people that it does work. This is what makes them give us a try.”
bro glo co-founder pfp
Co-founder, Bro Glo

Adding the significant hurdle of consumer skepticism which permeates the entire beauty industry, Bro Glo found themselves in an industry full of discrepancies between marketed benefits of a product and the results that customers see after use.

Consumers have often been promised transformative results, only to be left with underwhelming outcomes. This led to a level of distrust that made it more difficult to convince potential customers, especially men new to self-tanning, to try a product without seeing tangible proof of its effectiveness.

These challenges combined underscore the need for Bro Glo to adopt an educational and transparent approach to its marketing strategy.

The Solution: Educational and Transparent Marketing

To overcome the difficulty of persuading potential customers of the product’s authenticity, Bro Glo utilized the power of Social Proof Marketing.

Instead of taking the usual path of hiring actors or influencers to advocate their product, Bro Glo took a different route. They chose to let their happy customers be their brand ambassadors.

Through the use of photo and video reviews across their marketing channels, Bro Glo crafts an aura of authenticity and trust around their brand. It's the customers of Bro Glo who educate newcomers on the application of the self-tanner, and it’s the customers of Bro Glo who persuades prospective customers to make a purchase, using their photo reviews as convincing testimonials.

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Adam D.
The balance with the facial tanner works great for my skin tone !! Good job BRO GLOW!
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Jeff S.
No smell, I’m a pale guy and when I’m in public teaching I need to look my best!! For 64 I have to work hard at it. Face tanner is great too, thanks!
“The photo, video, and text reviews that we collect through Loox are really helpful if someone is on the fence about trying it, because these are the things that pushes them over the edge to give us a try.”
bro glo co-founder pfp
Co-founder, Bro Glo

This strategy has yielded over 50,000 delighted customers, that feel like they have a real connection with the brand beyond just buying the product. From repeat purchases, and expressing their love for the products via email to referring friends and family – Bro Glo built an ever-growing community for their brand.

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