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From the business world to the world of geeks, Nate Brown took the leap of faith. With years of business experience behind him, he decided to follow his passion. And that's how Geek Tropical was born.

With over 200 geek-inspired button-up shirt designs, Nate's innovation has reshaped the perception of 'geek' fashion, demonstrating that one's geekiness can be worn as a badge of style.

But Geek Tropical isn't solely about fashion. It's a print-on-demand venture that values our planet and offers budding artists an opportunity to shine. It's more than a brand - it's a mission, a community and a place for everyone.

The success of Geek Tropical in its first years are a prime example of how a great idea and a passionate community can make a brand soar.

“Our customers that post photo reviews are leaders. They are not afraid to show the world who they are, and that’s all we need to support our business."
Nate Brown
Owner, Geek Tropical

The Challenges: Profit Margins, Shipping Times, and Consumer Skepticism 

Despite its advantages of reducing waste, promoting sustainability, and low start-up costs, the print-on-demand business model has a few inherent setbacks.

Launching a brand with such an extensive product range, over 200 designs from the get-go, ignited some skepticism among the audience.

Bought this for my boyfriend and he absolutly loves it!! I will definitely be buying him more!
“We’re a print-on-demand business, we don’t always show the actual product, so building trust and showing we are a real business is key.”
Nate Brown
Owner, Geek Tropical

Tackling this consumer skepticism was crucial. For a brand that is operating on the print-on-demand business model and comparable lower profit margins, every potential customer's trust was crucial for the brand's survival and growth.

Longer shipping times, a result of creating products on demand, were a key challenge. In today's fast-paced world, where customers are used to the convenience of rapid delivery, the longer wait could potentially deter some customers, causing them to question the credibility of the brand.

All of these daunting challenges could have led to business failure. But as any successful venture knows, facing and overcoming these challenges is all part of the journey.

The Solution: Embracing The Customer-Centric Approach

In their quest to build credibility, Geek Tropical transformed their website into a testament of genuine customer satisfaction. By believing in the influence of real, and passionate customers, Geek Tropical filled their website with photo and video reviews showcasing an authentic love for their geeky products.

The impact of these reviews on the brand's image was monumental. Customers who shared stories about compliments they received on their unique shirts, served as a powerful tool to boost the brand's image and sales.

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Bought one for my brother and me - we just love these shirts. Good feel, fit and pattern is awesome!
review client image example
review star icon review star icon review star icon review star icon review star icon
Santa LOVES it! Fabric, fit, stitching, everything gets 5 stars. I’ve already ordered more for his birthday.
“Before implementing Loox, Geek Tropical often had to field queries from potential customers questioning the brand's authenticity. However, the tide changed once they incorporated social proof through photo and video reviews. ”
Nate Brown
Owner, Geek Tropical

It was Social Proof Marketing that effectively defeated the skepticism, giving customers the confidence to embrace their inner geek. And it was also Social Proof Marketing that transformed a sea of doubts to a thriving community, all powered by Loox.

Geek Tropical is a customer-centric brand that does everything they possibly can to serve their customers. From supporting fan-favourite artists to the way they handle returns. It’s all in sync. And customers acknowledge and appreciate this, leading them to spread the word about this unique brand.

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