How GirlGotLashes Drives 9% of their Sales with Loox Referrals - on Auto-Pilot

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About GirlGotLashes

In early 2020, as salons closed due to the pandemic, GirlGotLashes founder Lucia sought an at-home lash solution. Finding none that met her needs, she decided to create her own.

From her home, she developed an at-home-lash kit. With an initial budget of €5,000 for product development and supplies, GirlGotLashes was born. Nearly a year later, a viral TikTok video launched their product into the spotlight, leading to consistent sell-outs that continue today.

How did they achieve such success? Let’s find out!

E-commerce Toolkit

From the beginning, founders Lucia and her husband Johannes knew they needed key tools for their e-commerce business:

  • A Shopify store
  • A social proof app
  • An email marketing app

Once they built their Shopify store, they immediately chose Loox for reviews and referrals, and Klaviyo for emails. And never looked back

“I think it's one of the tools you just need when you start a Shopify store - you have Loox for reviews and Klaviyo for your emails. It's the standard Starter Set for any business”
Managing Director

Growth Without Marketing

GirlGotLashes had ZERO marketing spend, and relied on Loox for social proof and word-of-mouth, resulting in tremendous growth.  Their biggest business challenge: keeping up with demand for their products!

Referral Program Details

When they built their Shopify store, GirlGotLashes implemented Loox with Loox Referrals from day 1. By doing this, they help drive new customers as well as give their existing happy customers an incentive to return. 

They use a two-sided incentive, giving both the referrer and the referred customer €5 off their next purchase. This fixed discount is ideal since most of their products are priced between €10-€15.

referral offer example loox

Pro Tip: Depending on your business model and product price range, you should offer a discount that is meaningful for your customers. For example, if you sell more expensive products, a higher discount is recommended.

girlgotlashes referral example

They activated the post-purchase referrals widget, allowing customers to see their referral offer right after making a purchase. The widget was customized to match their brand’s look and feel by adding their brand color. And voila - it works like magic!

“Loox is like a machine that works on its own. We involved the referral program at an early stage and since then it's just doing its job and that's how it should be. It's runs like clockwork.”
Managing Director


Since implementing their referral program, GirlGotLashes has seen remarkable results. With over 27,000 orders coming through Loox referrals since its setup, an impressive 9% of their total revenue is generated from these referrals. Such substantial growth with minimal effort for busy business owners - what could be better?

Key Takeaways

  • It's crucial to implement a reviews and referrals solution from Day 1. Social proof is essential for every online store.
  • Loox is a set-it and forget-it tool, perfect for growing e-commerce businesses who are looking for an easy-to-use solution that delivers results on auto-pilot.
  • Loox Referrals is an extremely effective way to achieve growth without substantial time, money, or resource investment. Set a discount that suits your product price range, enable a Loox referral widget to share your program, customize it to fit your brand - and let it do its thing!

With Loox Referrals, GirlGotLashes encourages their happy customers to spread the word, and generates 9% of their total revenue. Let your customers do the same! 

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Ann-kathrin E.
I am absolutely thrilled with the eyelashes! They hold up great and look beautiful every day 🤩 At first the sticking was a bit wobbly and imprecise, but as the saying goes, practice makes perfect and it gets better every time 🤩 I've already ordered new lashes from girlgotlashes
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Sibylle S.
I am very satisfied!!💞
Love these eyelashes so much, they last forever, are super easy to apply and also look great. A dream.😍 If you're interested in a collaboration, I wouldn't say no haha

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