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In Summary: 

  • Challenge: Increase review collection, with a focus on user-generated content (UGC), to boost conversions. 
  • Solution: Utilize Loox automated review request emails to collect a ton of visual reviews. Then, create a dedicated Happy Customers Page highlighting all social proof and use it as a landing page for an ad campaign.  
  • Results: 27% of reviews collected contain a photo or video. The ad campaign directing visitors to the Happy Customers Page resulted in an impressive 19% conversion rate from page visits to purchases.

The Full Story

Knit in a Box is a family-run monthly knitting subscription service. They deliver a beautifully wrapped, mystery knitting kit to their subscribers every month. 

Knit in a Box wanted to increase their collection of reviews and turn more visitors into subscribers. That’s why they turned to Kristian Jeffrey, a Shopify optimization expert at his company, Little Rocket.

“I’ve sold on all kinds of platforms, channels, markets, but I love Shopify. And I always recommend that my clients use Loox.”
Kristian Jeffrey
Shopify Optimization Expert, LittleRocket

Step 1: Build a strong library of social proof

Knit in a Box needed to build a sense of community in their Shopify store. And what better way to achieve this than by collecting and sharing the experiences of existing customers? That’s why they turned to Loox - to take their social proof to the next level. 

After switching to Loox, their first priority was to increase the amount of reviews and UGC they collected from their customers. 

Using Loox’s automated, customizable Review Request Emails, they saw a substantial increase in reviews. And, by offering discounts to merchants who submit visual reviews, 27% of the reviews they collected included a photo or video.

Margaret S.
Love the surprises. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and like a group of friends you have never met.

Now that’s what you call a goldmine of UGC. 

Step 2: Harness the Power of the Happy Customers Page

Next step: setting up a Happy Customers page. It’s a powerful asset for any ecommerce business, collecting and displaying all of your social proof on one dedicated page. 

“The Happy Customers Page is one of the first things I have my clients set up when they move to Loox.”
Kristian Jeffrey
Shopify Optimization Expert, LittleRocket

And the added bonus? 

Each review leads to the relevant product when clicked.

So when visitors see a compelling review, with just one click they can go directly to the product page to purchase. 

Knit in a Box harnessed the conversion power of social proof to boost sales by creating their own Happy Customers page, showing off their collection of visual reviews.

Step 3: Drive Facebook ads to your Happy Customers page

With their Happy Customers page up and running, it was time to turn it into the ultimate sales driver. And with such compelling social proof, they realized it could be the perfect landing page. 

Knit in a Box created a Facebook Ads campaign that drove traffic directly to their Happy Customer’s page.  

They identified Facebook as the right channel to drive traffic to their store because they know from past experience that this is the most effective place to reach their target audience. 

And the results speak for themselves. 

By driving Facebook ads to their Happy Customers page, they saw a 19% conversion rate. They went from 72 active subscriptions to a staggering 900 active subscriptions through this campaign. And, they now have more than 3,000 reviews.

Talk about the power of social proof.  

Key Takeaways

  • Getting customers to buy into your offering, whether it’s a one-time purchase or subscription fee, means you need to build trust - immediately. Social proof is the best way to achieve that.
  • The Happy Customers page is a sales driver and an invaluable resource for any e-commerce store. 
  • Set up an ad campaign that drives traffic to your Happy Customers page. Knit in a Box saw a 19% conversion rate from their Facebook Ads campaign to their Happy Customers page. 
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Ann L.
The special edition shawl box was amazing. I crocheted both shawl patterns and they are simply gorgeous!
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Beverly H.
This KIAB ticked all the boxes! Pattern, yarn, sparkles, unexpected and delightful gifts and some chocolate too! The pattern is easy to follow and the yarn knits up really well.

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