Moodi: Growing a Brand in a Competitive Landscape

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What started locally in New Zealand is now expanding into new markets, to help women across the globe live healthier and feel better.

Co-founded by the dynamic duo Kate and Nick, DTC brand Moodi turned their personal struggles and shared vision into a fast-growing business. Tackling issues like stress, sleep, focus, and cravings, Moodi marries science, taste, and fun in their range of functional protein powders, catered for women’s health.

What started locally in New Zealand is now expanding into new markets, to help women across the globe live healthier and feel better.

“80% of our customers are buying from their phones and they’re used to scrolling through social media feeds. The way Loox displays photo and video reviews is very similar to that, which makes them more likely to convert."
Nick Ward
Co-founder, moodi

The Challenge: Entering a Competitive Market Without Ecommerce Background

Stepping into the thriving yet competitive world of wellness supplements was not going to be an easy venture for Moodi. The fact that Kate and Nick were stepping into an unknown territory without prior e-commerce experience, presented a major challenge.

Navigating the e-commerce landscape, trying to understand customer behaviors online, and mastering marketing strategies, it seemed that they were learning a new language. With Kate's background in law and Nick's experience as a business consultant, they were no strangers to complex problem-solving. But the world of online retail was a whole new ballgame, with its own set of rules.

The more significant challenge was overcoming consumer skepticism, though. This industry, for years, has been fraught with promises of transformative results that often underwhelm, leading to a deeply ingrained distrust among potential customers. The truth is, consumers have become wary, and for good reasons.

I absolutely love the taste! The vanilla berry is me favourite, the colour is super exciting! I am starting to notice the difference in my moods and sleeping a lot sounder.
“There are many ways to get a customer know you and to like you, but to really get them to trust you, Social Proof Marketing is the key to that.”
Nick Ward
Co-founder, moodi

Moodi found themselves standing at the edge of this reality. They were not only a new entrant in the market but were also carrying a message of mental health, something deeply personal and subjective to each individual. This added an extra layer of complexity in gaining trust and ensuring potential customers could see the real value in their products.

These challenges combined painted an overwhelming picture. Yet, it was these hurdles that defined the path that Moodi had to tread, pushing them to step up their game even before they had fully plunged into the field.

The Solution: A More Trustworthy Approach to Marketing

To overcome the steep climb of customer trust in the wellness supplements market, Moodi harnessed the power of Social Proof Marketing. They realized the strongest persuasion doesn't come from crafted advertising but from authentic customer experiences.

Ignoring the traditional approach of using paid promotions or influencer marketing, Moodi decided to let their happy customers be their loudest cheerleaders.

By leveraging the Loox Social Proof Marketing platform, they understood it's not just about the content of individual reviews, but also the strategic composition of different types of reviews that significantly influences customer perception.

Their approach catered to two main types of customers: those who are solution-aware, having tried different products, and those who are problem-aware but not solution-aware.

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Lisa N.
Love, love, love everything about this product. The packaging made me squeal it’s just gorgeous!
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review star icon review star icon review star icon review star icon review star icon
Laura R.
Where do I start! Better sleeps, peaking energy levels, no carvings because anxiety levels have...
“Reviews can help two types of customers by speaking directly to their needs. For instance, a review saying 'this is the best product I've tried' resonates with the solution-aware customer. On the other hand, a review highlighting how the product solves a problem appeals to the problem-aware customer. We use Loox’s built-in Featured Reviews solution to address this.”
Nick Ward
Co-founder, moodi

By utilizing photo and video reviews that target these specific customer profiles, Moodi crafts a narrative of authenticity and reliability around their brand. They transition from being just another wellness company to a solution provider addressing real issues.

With the help of Loox, customers don't just see products, they witness solutions, and they see their own experiences mirrored in those of others.

This strategic use of Social Proof Marketing has fostered a vibrant community that not only trusts Moodi but actively advocates for it. By creating an ecosystem where customers see their needs reflected and addressed, Moodi is nurturing an ongoing dialogue, forging relationships that go beyond the transactional.

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