How Move Turned Visual Reviews Into a Sales Channel (And Cut Ads)

Convert social media followers and traffic into significant sales.
Move collected thousands of reviews in a short period of time. 60% of all reviews contain a photo, making Move an industry leader. On top of that, 24% of all review-incentive discounts are redeemed.

NBA player-endorsed insole brand Move is ballin’.

Founded in 2020 and backed by NBA legends Damian Lillard and Chris Paul, Move began their journey to sell performance insoles to a young generation of ambitious athletes.

Move attracts enthusiastic customers who love to share their passion for basketball and Move’s products on social media and on their Shopify store.

That’s why 60% of all the reviews they collect through Loox include a customer photo:

They’re creating a movement. And people follow.

But they don’t stop here. 24% of all discounts that Move is giving as an incentive to leave a photo review are actually going to be redeemed. Which turns visual reviews into a direct sales channel.

That’s why they cut ads.

Here’s their story:

Paid Advertising? No, Thank You. We Build a Tribe Instead.

It was clear from day one that they never wanted to be an ad-driven company.

No ads. Just growth. Through a great product and trust-building marketing.

“We knew we had to light a spark where teammates and athletes would share amongst themselves. Reviews, referrals, and social media are our primary channels. Without Loox, this would have been impossible.”
Micah Katz
Co-Founder, Move

Their strategy:

  1. Organic social media for brand awareness. 
  2. Loox for conversions (reviews and referrals). 
  3. Repeat.

A growth strategy that is not exclusively available to Move. It’s available to you, too.

Move’s vision is that every prospective customer first hears about them from a teammate, a coach, or an athlete they look up to. Not an ad.

Their problem? Many people haven’t even heard of insoles. So reviews, referrals, and word-of-mouth is the main driver for Move's growth.

Move humanizes their brand through the visual reviews of customers. To turn these efforts into traffic and sales, they connect them:

Their customers love it. They're proud to be part of Move's tribe:

With the help of the photo-centric review collection process of Loox, Move built an ever-growing trust asset that increases their sales.

Here’s how you can do the same:

Move's 3-Step Process to Collect Reviews That Turn Into Sales

First, test Loox free for 14 days by entering your email here:

From there, your ready-to-go review system is only three steps away.

Step 1: Set up an intriguing discount to incentivize customers to leave a photo review:

(We recommend a 15% discount)

Step 2: Schedule “Bonus emails”. These emails are a gift from us. Use these to send review requests to past customers:

(We recommend setting these back to 90 days)

Step 3: Download your user-generated content to repurpose on social media.

With the power of Loox reviews, Move was able to continue the storytelling they started on social media on their store and convert followers into a significant uplift in sales.

Move also leverages Loox’s built-in referral system that allows them to reward customers who bring in new customers.

You can have the same; both the review and the referral solution. To grow your sales just like Move.

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