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Two students, a crazy idea, and the delicious allure of Belgian chocolate: Meet Tabs, the chocolate brand that's reinventing pleasure, founded by Oliver Brocato and Jake Lewin.

In a daring venture into the confectionery and lifestyle industry, Oliver and Jake began in December 2021 with nothing but an idea. In less than 18 months, Tabs transformed from a dorm-room start-up into an international sensation. With 8-figures in sales and a community of over 100,000 happy customers, cleary, this isn't your ordinary chocolate company.

It's a brand that's breaking barriers, turning heads, and has even caught the attention of media giants like Vice, TMZ, and the My First Million podcast.

“We’ve seen massive impact on our conversion rate as a result of using Loox to build powerful social proof.”
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Oliver Brocato
Co-founder, Tabs

The Challenge: A Controversial Product That’s (Almost) too Good to be True

Tabs’ product promises instantly stirred up a whirlwind of controversy. Skeptical eyebrows were raised, and conversations sparked.

Despite the scientifically backed benefits of their unique product, the perception of their product was met with a healthy dose of skepticism. In a market where grand claims often fall flat, the extravagant promises made by Tabs seemed like a dream spun too far.

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Arthur C.
Don’t make our mistake and only take half. This stuff is next level.
“Customers are afraid to buy. We have to show them that we’re reputable, tried and tested and that other people have bought from us and had amazing experiences. I think people are conformists. They don’t want to be the first one to try something, they will get cold feed.”
tabs co-founder pfp
Oliver Brocato
Co-founder, Tabs

Building a brand that consumers can trust was essential. They needed to have real people vouching for their product, not actors or influencers that are being called-out for inauthentic advertising.

Tabs chose the route of Social Proof Marketing.

The Solution: Social Proof Marketing With Loox

With the steep challenges of controversy, skepticism, and the demand for authenticity before them, Tabs knew they needed a different strategy. That's when they turned to their best assets - their happy customers.

Tabs tapped into the power of real people sharing real experiences. They embraced Social Proof Marketing, allowing the voice of their customers to be their most persuasive advertising tool.

They displayed authentic customer content. From text reviews glowing with praise, photo reviews showing smiles of happy customers, to video reviews that captured the genuine reactions of their customer base. All to tell the brand's story in the most authentic way possible.

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Leah J.
I saw this on TikTok and figured i’d try it out. I’m so glad I did, and so is my girlfriend.
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Auggie B.
It takes a little while to kick in but once it does…
“We make sure that as soon as a customer lands on the website, we give them as much validation as possible that they’re not making a mistake. That’s why we show them all of our amazing Loox reviews which makes them way more likely to convert.”
tabs co-founder pfp
Oliver Brocato
Co-founder, Tabs

Tabs’ website and social media channels became a vibrant hub of customer-generated content, buzzing with candid testimonials, before-and-after experiences, creative unboxings, and more.

They transformed their customers into their ambassadors and built the trust they were looking for. It was their customers' words that silenced the skeptics, eased the controversy, and demonstrated the product’s authenticity - paving the way for Tabs' success to an eight-figure DTC brand.

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