Get more reviews from customers with accurately timed requests using AfterShip’s industry-leading shipment tracking platform.

AfterShip is the #1 tracking solution for eCommerce businesses.

With review requests, timing is crucial. Send it too soon and you’ll create a frustrating experience for your customers, send it too late and you’ll risk missing out on the initial excitement of using a new product—the stuff spectacular reviews are made of! So, if your delivery times vary a lot between individual orders, an AfterShip integration will allow you to schedule emails at the perfect time to capture all that 5-star happiness.

Integration Benefits
  • Schedule emails at the perfect time to capture customer happiness
  • Generates more reviews by asking your customers for reviews at just the right time
  • Trigger more sales with reviews that shine with positive experiences 
  • Increase open rates with perfectly timed email requests following delivery
  • Incentivise customer reviews if they leave a review from the email