Personalized Rec׳


Combine the power of personalization and social proof to improve conversion and boost sales.

Personalized Recommendations helps in increasing conversions by showing relevant products to customers. Upsell and Cross-sell products by showing multiple products on all the store’s pages. Personalized Recommendations uses machine learning algorithms to generate targeted products to optimize conversions. The following types of recommendation features are available:

About Personalized Recommendations:

  1. Personalized for you
  2. Frequently Bought Together (Upsell)
  3. Similar Products
  4. Top Discounts
  5. Cross Sell
  6. Trending
  7. Bestsellers
  8. Recently Viewed

Benefits of the integration:

  • Add social proof to product recommendations: Seamlessly display product star rating in the product recommendation widgets.
  • Easy to use: Customize the design of the star rating widget.