Shopify Flow


Create automation flows with Shopify Flow and Loox.

We have great news for our Shopify Plus and Shopify Advanced customers! You can now create advanced automation workflows with Loox and Shopify Flow.

Using a three-step visual builder, Shopify Flow lets you put repetitive tasks on autopilot to concentrate on things that really matter. Take full advantage of reviews you collect by making sure that correct action is taken every time someone submits a review!

  • New review – Starts when a customer submits a new product review
  • Stop review request survey – Cancels a scheduled review request email.
Examples of Automation Flows you can create:
  • Get notified when you receive a negative product review
  • Stop review request email when a customer returns a product
  • Award points in your loyalty program when a customer submits a review
  • Add customers who wrote a positive review to a mailing list