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Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post for the Loox blog. We frequently feature guest writers on our business blog and do our best to promote all published posts to the expanded Loox network. Please read the guidelines thoroughly before submitting your post for review. By submitting a guest post for our consideration, you are confirming that you agree to the following terms.


  • Original content only. All guest posts should be original, unpublished content that has been created by you or an author associated with your organization. We ask that you do not republish the content on your blog or elsewhere until it has been live on the Loox blog for 30-days.
  • Right to republish. Once your post is accepted for publication, you grant us permission to use or republish the content in part or whole on our other publishing channels or mediums.
  • Tell us about your content. When you submit your content, please include a brief summary of why you wrote it and the value it will bring to Loox readers.
  • Not too short. Posts should be a minimum of 1000 words.
  • Language. We welcome submissions from around the world but the content must be written in English / French / German / Portuguese at a native or fluent level for us to publish it.
  • Link limits. Hey, we’re marketers, we understand. Links are important. You may include links to your or other Shopify stores in your post as long as they are relevant and lead to additional high-quality content. But let’s keep it reasonable. Please don’t include more than 3 links to a single domain in your post.
  • Videos and images. It is required to include graphics with your submission, we would love to see any screenshots, demo clips, charts, and other creatives that help illustrate your story.
  • Yes for listicles, but please: make the list dedicated for a specific niche and include high-quality content even if it is a list article – add some unique content about each one of the options to avoid another article looking like every other list article.
  • Our main readership are professional Shopify merchants. Please use the search box in our blog to see if we have already published content related to your topic. If we have, consider covering a different angle or perspective on the topic.
  • What to write about. Submissions to the Loox blog should feature content related to our core values: 
    • Social proof impact on Shopify Stores
    • Customer trust and security
    • How to generate Shopify store reports
    • Growth mindset
    • Conversion driving tactics
    • How to optimize the shopper journey
    • Best ways for engaging new and past customers
    • Acquisition channels for Shopify stores
    • Fulfillment for Shopify stores


Tell us about yourself

We want to know who you are and tell our readers how to find more of your great content, so please include the following information at the end of the article you submit:  

  • A current email address
  • A short bio, 150 words or less
  • A link to your company’s website
  • A profile picture
  • Social profile links

How to get started. If you have content you’d like to share on the Loox blog, please send your pitch to [email protected]

A few more details. Your post may be edited to improve readability, to remove or modify mentions of specific products or brands, or to add relevant internal and external links.

We love creative people.

We give editorial preference to Shopify experts/merchants that use the Loox app. It’s free to try for 14-days. If you are an active member on Loox, please let us know when you submit your guest post.


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