3 Ways to Prepare for the Holiday Season with Social Proof

November is peak e-commerce season. “Cyber Week” (from Thanksgiving - Cyber Monday) delivered $35.3 billion in revenue in 2022. 

Needless to say, you’ll want to do some extra planning and preparation to get your store ready for the holiday season. Check out these 3 tips to help you prepare your business for the holiday rush with Loox:

1. Create post-purchase upsell offers with social proof

Consumers are in purchase mode this time of year. Take advantage of this high-intent time and capitalize on purchase excitement by encouraging customers to add more to their carts post-purchase.  

With Loox Post-Purchase Upsell, you’ll combine one-click upsell offers and compelling visual social proof to drive more conversions and increase average order values. 

Make sure Loox is set as your Post-purchase upsell app by following the instructions in this article.

2. Put your social proof front and center 

You're going to have a lot of visitors to your online store over the next couple of months. Put your social proof front and center to grab your visitors’ attention and encourage them to engage with your store. 

Add the trust badge or one of our other beautiful product review widgets to your homepage to secure instant trust.

3. Set up your referral marketing program in 1 minute 

With so many visitors to your store, it’s the perfect opportunity to prioritize your word-of-mouth marketing efforts. Make sure your customers are talking about you to your friends and family with Loox Referrals.

We recommend enabling the onsite sidebar widget so that your referral program is easily accessible to any site visitor. You can also set up a dedicated referrals page so you can share your referral program in all of your holiday marketing efforts.