Build Social Proof Upsells to Secure More Post-Purchase Sales

Visual Social Proof Upsells

Once a customer has completed their checkout, you can capitalize on the fact that you still have their complete attention, and prompt them to add more items to their cart. With Loox Upsell, they’ll see the product that you’ve chosen to promote right alongside that item’s ratings and reviews.

By showing product ratings, your customers can see that people have already purchased this product and loved it. And of course, by showing reviews with photos, they can actually visualize the product and see it in action. Remember, trust is key to successful e-commerce.

Activate Loox as your Post-purchase Upsell App

Loox Post-purchase Upsells is available on all Loox plans. To start activating and leveraging your visual reviews to increase sales, you first need to pick Loox as your post-purchase upsell app.

To do this, open your Shopify Admin, navigate to your settings, select “Checkout and accounts” and choose Loox as your post-purchase app:

Crafting the perfect upsell strategy

The user-friendly Loox admin makes it easy to effortlessly create an upsell offer that resonates with your audience: 

  1. Select the product that will trigger the offer.
  2. Define the product you’d like to promote.
  3. Select the discount you’d like to offer for this product post-purchase.
  4. Choose your favorite reviews to show or simply let Loox display the most recent ones. 
  5. Set the duration of time the offer will appear available - this adds a sense of urgency and excitement.

Create multiple, customizable upsell offers

Create multiple upsell offers that are more targeted to your customers' cart, displaying the most relevant offers. This will provide a more tailored shopping experience, while maximizing your chances of conversion, helping you increase average order values.

For example:

Customer A purchases shoes -> Upsell them with socks.
Customer B purchases swimwear -> Upsell them with a beach towel.

Repeat the steps above to create additional upsell offers. Make sure to name your upsell offers so that you can identify individual offers. 

Once you have multiple offers, you can drag and drop the offers to order them by priority. This way, if multiple upsell offers share the same trigger, the offer with the higher priority will be displayed.

Not only will the personalized offer help improve conversions, but the social proof displayed alongside it will seal the deal and secure the trust needed to motivate them to add the product to their cart.