Add Loox Social Proof to Your Shogun Pages and Improve Conversion Rates

Shogun Page Builder is a no-code visual page builder trusted by over 35,000 e-commerce brands. It’s the easiest, fastest way to customize your store for conversions and growth. Use Shogun’s drag-and-drop editor for all page types including:

  • blog pages
  • product pages
  • collection pages
  • homepages 
  • landing pages

With the Loox & Shogun integration, you can boost conversions by adding a crucial layer of visual social proof to your pages. Anywhere you’re displaying a product on your store, you can use Shogun’s editor to easily drag and drop the Loox Product Reviews Widget and Rating Widget to display the strongest form of social proof alongside them. 

Establish credibility and trust

Customer reviews, particularly when beautifully displayed on store pages, provide genuine insights into the quality and authenticity of your products. Visual reviews from happy customers provide fast social proof that can sway hesitant shoppers toward making a purchase. By showcasing the experiences of real customers, you can foster credibility and build trust that encourages visitors to feel confident in their buying decisions.

Enhance user engagement

Engaging landing pages are crucial for retaining visitors' attention and guiding them to complete a desired action. By incorporating reviews, you can encourage visitors to spend more time on the page, develop a deeper connection with your brand and products, and ultimately guide visitors toward your conversion goal.

Boost SEO

Search engines prioritize relevant and engaging content, and reviews are a goldmine of authentic, keyword-rich content. When your pages display reviews, they load up your store with valuable keywords that boost your SEO and enhance your pages’ visibility on search engine results pages. 

Humanize your brand

Reviews humanize your brand and create an emotional connection with your audience. When visitors read about how your products have been enjoyed by others, they can imagine similar benefits for themselves. The emotional connection is a driving force for conversions, as customers feel more attached to your brand and are motivated to be a part of the positive experience. 

Set up in minutes

Simply drag and drop a Loox widget from the Shogun elements panel to get your brand's compelling reviews to appear anywhere. Then customize the widgets to match your brand’s style guidelines, without the need for a developer.

Get started

This integration is available to all Loox customers using Shogun. For a step-by-step guide, read this Help Center article

If you’re not yet a Shogun customer, click here.