August Feature Spotlight: Multiple Upsell Offers, Videos in Pop-up widget, and more

Introducing: Multiple Upsell Offers

In case you missed it: Loox has post-purchase upsells! Yep, you don’t need another app for that.

Loox Upsell displays visual social proof alongside post-purchase offers to gain the trust needed from your customers to buy. 

And now, you can provide a more tailored post-purchase experience by creating multiple, customized upsell offers targeted to your customers’ carts to boost conversions and increase your average order values. 

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Pop-up Widget Update: Video Reviews Now Live

Display video reviews - one of the strongest forms of social proof - in our eye-catching pop-up widget. Video reviews allow visitors to see your product in action and visualize themselves using the product. So capture your visitors’ attention with the pop-up widget and hook them with compelling video reviews. They’ll be excited to engage with your products and learn more. 

If you haven’t already activated the pop-up widget, you can learn how to here.

Integration Spotlight: Add Loox Widgets to Pages Built With Shogun

Shogun Page Builder allows you to easily build beautiful web pages, including blog pages, product pages, landing pages, and more, using their drag-and-drop editor. Thanks to the Loox & Shogun integration, you can seamlessly add Loox widgets to your Shogun pages to put your visual reviews front and center.

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