Best Survey Questions for Products in 2022

Asking customers the right questions will lift your sales.

It helps build a better product and lets your customers tell their stories.

DTC giant BlendJet does this:

Blendjet customer leaves a photo review with Loox

This happy customer is having a blast with his family! 

Everyone who looks at this review and also loves to have a great time with family and friends can relate. But these customers don’t just buy a blender. No. They buy rare quality time with their loved ones. The blender is just supporting this. And that’s why it works. 

(Did you notice how the customer wrote “we” instead of “I”?)

In this post, you’re going to learn tried and tested survey questions for your products. So you can also get reviews that tell engaging stories and generate more sales!

<span id="What-Is-a-Product-Survey-and-How-Does-it-Work">What Is a Product Survey and How Does it Work?</span>

Product surveys are a way to collect quantitative and qualitative data from customers about a product. Normally, survey questions for products include inquiries on product satisfaction, usage, and recommendations. But the options for questions are virtually endless. Product surveys let brands know what people think about their products and how they use them.

Although product surveys can be used before the launch of a product with a set of pilot customers to learn how the product is perceived, and obtain ideas for product development or improvements, most surveys take place after a sale. To gauge customer satisfaction and get feedback on the success of the product. Including any improvements that should be made.

<span id="Benefits-of-a-Product-Survey">Benefits of a Product Survey</span>

It’s a quick way to get a ton of information and data from your customers. Without the hassle of setting up complex technologies. Especially if your surveys and review requests are fully automated with the help of simple (but effective) tools.

Asking the right questions allows you to gather important feedback about your product and its usage. 

But it’s not just all about the product.

Including questions about your customers give you deep insights that will help you make better decisions when it comes down to marketing. From demographic-related questions to emotional-related questions. Almost everything is possible here. 

<span id="Best-Survey-Questions-For-Products-in-2022">Best Survey Questions For Products in 2022</span>

Your choice of survey questions will depend on what you're trying to learn from the product survey. So before developing your survey, you need to decide on the objectives and ask yourself: “what do we want to learn?” 

Once you have your research objectives, you can craft your questions. While your survey will be unique to your goals, there are some questions that are proven to work best and provide valuable information to any kind of business. 

Here are examples of product questions that DTC brands can include in their product surveys. 

Note: Every business is different. You might want to add industry-specific ones.

<span id="How-Satisfied-Are-You-With-The-Product">How Satisfied Are You With The Product?</span>

This is a no-brainer question. To get relevant information, we recommend offering multiple-choice questions to the review form.

Even though it’s a traditional question, customers are accustomed to answering this question. Their responses will be genuine since they have likely had much practice thinking about satisfaction and comparing/contrasting product experiences. 

Another way of answering this question is by offering a star-rating system. This is the most common response form and one that customers are likely to respond to.

<span id="Would-You-Recommend-This-Product-to-Others">Would You Recommend This Product to Others?</span>

In this day and age, we all know how important word-of-mouth is. In fact, that’s why we built a referral program into our product review app. 

Asking customers whether they would recommend this product to their peers is extremely valuable to gauge customer satisfaction and product reputation.

If someone is likely to recommend your product, you can be sure that the product serves its purpose and that the customer is satisfied. 

Shopify app Loox star rating review form

If someone is not likely to recommend your product, this indicates dissatisfaction, and an immediate response from you is required. Whether that’s by offering a seamless return policy or a well-crafted email that proves you care.

<span id="What-do-You-Use-This-Product-For">What do You Use This Product For?</span>

It is important to understand how your customers are using your product. The result may surprise you:

  • Listerine, for example, was invented as a surgical antiseptic (also as a cure for gonorrhea). 
  • Play-Doh was invented as a wallpaper cleaner.
  • Viagra was invented as a treatment for heart disease.

The market decides how your product is bringing the most value. Not your marketing team.

<span id="How-Easy-is-it-to-Use-This-Product">How Easy is it to Use This Product?</span>

It’s essential to understand if your product is user-friendly. Designers, engineers, and vendors can sometimes miss crucial parts. Because they’re working so close to the product and for them, everything seems easy and understandable. But they’re not your customers.

If customers have problems using your product, they may return it as well as give the product poor reviews. Asking “how easy is it to use this product?” will let you know if there are parts of the product that should be simplified.

<span id="How-Would-You-Rate-The-Product-Value-For-The-Money">How Would You Rate The Product Value For The Money?</span>

Depending on your target audience, your customers might like to see themselves as deal-hunters. And these people want to express themselves, telling the world what a great deal they’ve just made. If this is your audience, asking “how would you rate the product value for the money” is a great question. (unless you’re considered to be expensive).

Understanding whether your product is viewed as affordable for your target audience is important. If your market can't afford your product or is reviewing your product as not worth the money, you might end up losing tons of potential sales.

<span id="How-Would-You-Improve-This-Product">How Would You Improve This Product?</span>

An essential part of business success is listening to and learning from customers. Of course, we all want to believe our products are perfect. However, that type of thinking prevents progress and future growth. 

A simple question about how one would improve the product can go a long way. To start, it answers more than one question with one question.

Indirectly, the question is asking what the customer does not like or enjoy about the product. In addition, the question points to what ways the product is not serving the customer.

More directly, asking how the product can be improved provides information on what is missing from the product. 

All of this feedback is extremely valuable for businesses. It can lead to product improvements, or even new products, a larger market, and more customer satisfaction.  

The most important part here is not just to listen, but also to act. Involving customers in product development is one of the most effective marketing strategies. 

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