How Setting Up Different Discounts Can Increase Video Reviews by Almost 500%

Online shopping today is a competitive landscape and product reviews play a crucial role in influencing consumer purchasing decisions. Reviews from real customers can build trust, provide social proof, and enhance the overall shopping experience, resulting in an increase of orders. While text-based reviews have long been the norm, the power of visual content like photo and video reviews has been proven to increase conversion. By incentivizing customers to submit photo and video reviews, stores can expect to see their visual reviews flood in. But how do we take it to the next level, and grow the impact of video reviews? Video takes slightly more effort from our customers, but brings endless benefits to the business. 

The Impact of Visual Content

"I treasure customers videos like gold. I always prefer user-generated content over expensive studio productions with their lights, cameras, crew and more"
Tal Berkovich
E.T digital

Visual content has a unique ability to captivate and engage consumers in ways that text-based reviews simply cannot match. Photo and especially video reviews bring products to life, allowing potential customers to see the item in action, assess its quality, and help them visualize themselves in it. This visual impact enhances the credibility of the review and provides a more comprehensive understanding of the product's features, benefits, and potential limitations. Loox has perfected the art of collecting visual reviews, but now has taken it one step further with a focus on collecting video reviews. With 25% of shoppers saying they shop online at least once a week, and 80% of consumers saying video reviews increase their likelihood of buying a product, just imagine how much your brand can gain from driving more video reviews on your store. 

Building Authenticity and Trust

Video reviews offer an unparalleled level of authenticity and transparency. When customers see real people using and reviewing a product, it helps them build trust and confidence in their purchase decision. This human element helps potential customers relate to the experiences shared in the video reviews, making them more likely to trust the opinions expressed and ultimately make a purchase. Displaying these reviews throughout your customers experience, can increase larger cart values and higher return purchases. Using visual first widgets such as the [Loox Carousel widgets], or videos elegantly sliding onto your website  on  the [Loox Pop-up] Widget, provide that authenticity and social proof throughout your customers experience and add a beautiful social proof experience on top.  

The Power of Differential Discounts

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When companies provide different discount for photo and video reviews, they create a stronger incentive for customers to opt for video reviews. For instance, a business might offer a 10% discount for photo reviews but increase it to 15% for video reviews. This tiered approach acknowledges the additional time and effort involved in creating a video review and rewards customers accordingly; increasing the happiness and trust you have for your customers. Not only will the trust in your product will increase, social proof for your brand will grow and help with the overall growth and success. 

By slightly increasing the incentive for video reviews you are not only more likely to receive more video reviews, but it has also been proven to increase all visual collection by 20%. Meaning, you are not only increasing your collection of video, but you are more likely to generate more photo reviews as well. Loox makes it easy to set up, and more importantly, easy to adjust at any point; whether you want to test your discount amounts, run special promotions, you name it, you can change your incentive offerings at any time with one click. 

Boosting Video Review Submissions

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Several case studies and industry reports have shown that implementing differential discounts for photo and video reviews can yield remarkable results. E-commerce businesses that have adopted this strategy have seen a substantial increase in video review submissions, as much as 10%. This surge in video reviews not only enhances the quantity of visual content available for potential customers but also improves the overall perception of the brand, reinforcing social proof and customer satisfaction.

To Sum It Up

Video reviews have become a valuable asset for e-commerce businesses, providing the strongest form of social proof and building trust with customers. By setting up different discounts for photo and video reviews, businesses can incentivize customers to go the extra mile and contribute valuable video content. The increased visual impact and authenticity of video reviews foster stronger customer connections, leading to improved conversion rates and customer loyalty. As e-commerce continues to evolve, embracing the value of video reviews and relying on different discounts will undoubtedly be a winning strategy for businesses looking to excel in the competitive online marketplace and build a strong brand backed by social proof.