How to Collect More Photo Reviews with Loox

Our research shows that photo reviews help you convert up to 91% more than text-only reviews, which is why Loox is focused on making sure you receive as many photo reviews as possible. Using the tips below you can maximize the number of photo reviews you collect from your customers, and in turn generate more traffic, conversion, and retention for your store.

Offer a Discount

Make sure your happy customers come back for more! Offer a discount in exchange for submitting a photo review. By incentivizing your customers, your products will have substantially more photo reviews and stronger social proof, and all those satisfied customers, who took the time and submitted a photo, will have even more of a reason to buy from you again!

Set Reminders

Sometimes the first email just didn’t arrive at the right time! Get 30% more reviews by sending a second review request email to those who haven’t submitted their review yet. Enable reminders to automatically send another email asking for a review 7 days after the first.

Add your brand’s voice

You know your customers best! Add a logo and customize texts and colors to fit your brand in review request emails in order to increase the chances a customer will submit a review. Offering a discount? Don’t forget to mention it in order to incentivize your customers to click that “Write a review” button.

Schedule according to your shipping times

Getting the timing right is critical! Asking for a review too early might mean your product still hasn’t arrived, asking too late can mean they are no longer as excited as when the product first arrived. Schedule review requests based on the actual delivery date to make sure you are asking for a review at exactly the right time.

email metrics
Keep track of your Loox metrics

Getting more reviews essentially comes down to optimizations. It’s a good idea to check your Loox Dashboard to keep an eye on review request emails’ open rate, click-through rate and the Loox driven sales.

If the open rate is too low, try adjusting the email subject line or timing. If the open rate is good but the click-through rate has room for improvement, try updating the text and look of the email to better align with your branding.

Go beyond emails

Emails are great but there are many more ways of reaching your customers!

We’ve partnered with great companies to let you ask for a review wherever your customers are.

Use PushOwl to send review requests via web push and reach your customers directly on their devices.

Enable the Recart Integration to ask for reviews through your store’s Facebook messenger account that your customers already engage with.

Send review requests via SMS with our partnered apps Text Funnels or Firepush to get your customers’ undivided attention, even when they’re on the go.

With these tips, you’ll be sure on your way to collect a ton of photo reviews, create strong social proof and grow your business. Need any further assistance? Contact our support team and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in making sure you receive the most out of Loox!