How to Drive Revenue with All Things Visual

Visual is changing our entire world—and it’s especially transforming the way we shop. From Instagram shopping to product reviews, visual is now the ultimate way for customers and merchants to talk to each other. After all, they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words! 

Why would a customer read endless product descriptions or reviews when a picture can tell them everything they need to know in just a few seconds? When shoppers immediately find what they want and have all of their questions answered thanks to a few visual reviews, they buy faster. And they buy more. That’s where Loox photo reviews and the Fast Simon visual discovery suite come in. 

Your Perfect Visual Strategy

Want to increase your conversion rates and sales? You’ll need to start by showcasing ratings in visual review form and offer visual search options, plus relevant connected search results. With Fast Simon and Loox integration, you can create a highly effective custom visual strategy that will boost your revenue and ensure your customers come back again and again. Here are some tools that will help shoppers make better informed choices, faster.

1. Visual Reviews / Photo Reviews 

Your products are great, you know that. But until customers also know it and share their thoughts for others to read or see, your product pages have little chance to stand out in the sea that is the World Wide Web. You’ll need to add social proof to your products—proof that regular people outside your organization are also enjoying your product. User-generated content (UGC) on your product pages are one of the most effective social proof strategies, sure to increase your conversion rates. Photo reviews make customers shop with confidence—they can see that people like them have bought this product, have used it, and have liked it. They don’t have to just take your word for it anymore and, thanks to visual reviews, they can see exactly what they’ll be getting. When your shoppers see photo reviews from other customers, you’ll see your conversion rates skyrocket. 

2. Visual Search

Anything your customers capture on camera can kick off an internet search for their next favorite product—all without typing a single character. With the help of Fast Simon innovative technology,  your clients can shop in an entirely new way by beginning their search with an image. No need to know the perfect term or how to describe what they’re after—if they have a photo on their mobile device, they can upload it to your website and get results that match their picture. It’s time to harness the power of AI to help customers easily search for the products they can’t describe but really, really want.

3. Visual Discovery 

With Visual Discovery, anything you see can be the starting point for a search. Identify items within any image, break them down to precise visual attributes, and suggest similar products from your inventory to ensure shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for. You can even search for specific items inside a product image. 

With visual discovery, customers can also shop the look. This means you can present them with an entire room or a flawless outfit and have them shop every single thing you offer that appears within the images you showcase. This ever-growing trend recreates the brick-and-mortar experience, where shoppers can mix and match different items to their liking, but they now get to do it in their pajamas.

4. Visual Product Image Optimization 

Do you know for a fact which of your product images sells your product the best? Guess no more. With product image optimization, you’ll get all the data related to each product image, from conversion rates to revenue. This means you’ll be able to automatically optimize the images’ order, maximizing your store revenue in the process and showing your customers what they really want to see.

Optimize Your Visual Strategy Now

Loox integration increases conversion rates by showcasing visual reviews on the collection, search results, and product pages, while Fast Simon allows for your customers to start their search with an image they love, even if they are unsure of the keywords to use to find a one-of-a-kind product. Together, they are an unbeatable visual strategy. When visual reviews, visual search, and visual discovery come together, your customers spend less time finding exactly what they want and make better buying decisions—leading to less returns on your end!—thanks to the photo reviews other shoppers like them have submitted. Whether your collection pages are merchandised or use visual discovery, your shopper can always see reviews and ratings, resulting in a holistic shopping experience they can feel good about.

Ready to optimize the revenue of your online store? Loox and Fast Simon are ready to help!