How to Generate More Loox-Driven Sales

We all know reviews are critical to increasing the social proof of your products. But you might have wondered how else you can use all those beautiful customer photos and reviews you collected.

Below are a few tips to help turn that fantastic UGC into a substantial driver of sales. Helping you get more traffic and increasing conversions for your store:

Position the widget where it’s seen

Let your happy customers do the talking

“72% of consumers will wait until they read reviews before taking action” (Testimonial Engine)

Making sure your reviews are in a prominent and visible position on your product pages shows the customer you are proud of your product and have the proof to back it up.

You worked hard to get that great UGC, don’t keep it out of sight!

Send review request emails

Get happy customers back on your store to buy again.

Proactivally asking for a review not only increases your chances of receiving a review (you don’t get what you don’t ask for). It also reminds your customers how great your store’s experience was.

After they finish writing that rave review, your happy customers are automatically sent back to your homepage to buy again, with that great feeling in mind.

Offer discounts

Incentivize customers to make another purchase.

Offering a discount in exchange for a photo review gives your customer that extra bit of incentive to take a photo and give your store the best social proof of all, UGC of a real person using and enjoying your products!

What’s just as important though, is that this discount will give your existing customers even more of a reason to return to your store and buy again.

They just wrote about how much they enjoyed your product, and now they even get 15% off their next purchase?! This is exactly what they need to motivate them to buy again.

We found that around 30% of all Loox discount codes that were given were eventually used. Research shows that repeat customers are not only cheaper to acquire, they actually spend more than first time shoppers!

53% of customers that make a second purchase will make a third. And with each successive purchase, the likelihood of them coming back increases.” – RJMetrics

Once a customer gets a fantastic experience twice, you greatly increase the chances of them coming to you again and again.

The Loox Popup widget

Surface relevant reviews along the customer journey.

Getting the customers attention can be hard. The Loox Popup widget displays relevant reviews in order to get that customer to the product page and keep them there.

The small popup, that grabs your attention, makes sure that relevant customers are seeing the happiness your products have brought into the lives of others and encourages them to take the leap themselves.

Once on the product page, the Popup widget displays only reviews of that product to make sure the customer keeps focused on what’s important, deciding to purchase your product.

Prominently display relevant reviews as your visitors browse through your store and skyrocket your conversions with the help of social proof that looks great!

Share reviews on social media

Show off your social proof.

When you share your best reviews on Social media, you’re showing all your fans and followers how happy customers are with your products.

Seeing another real person, just like them, using your products, along with a glowing 5-star review, gets them thinking “I want that”.

Make sure to share your reviews and get those potential customers to your store and clicking “Buy now”

Homepage carousel

Showcase your best reviews.

Some reviews convert better than others. Maybe the customer shared an incredible story about how happy they were with your brand.

Maybe they took a photo of your product in perfect lighting and you want everyone to see.

Whatever the reason might be, make sure you give your favorite reviews the spotlight by displaying them in a beautiful carousel widget on your homepage where they can work their magic

Create a Happy Customers page

All your reviews in one place.

Sometimes all it takes to convince a customer to buy, is seeing another person using and enjoying your product.

Giving your potential customers one place to look and see all of the people that are beyond satisfied, helps them make that important decision of clicking “add to cart”.

Since all your reviews are in one place, this gives your customers a chance to discover new and interesting products they might not have thought of buying.

Sidebar widget

Enable easy access to all your reviews on every page.

You understand how important review can be in your customer's decision-making process and you want your reviews to be only a click away, no matter where the customer is.

Enable the Loox Sidebar widget to create a small tab on the side of the screen that when clicked, displays all of your store’s happy customers in one place.

Without needing to move to another page, the customer can get all the confidence they need in your products and continue down the conversion funnel, without any detours.

Now you have all the information you need to get the most out of your Loox subscription and maximize your ROI.

Need any further assistance? Contact our support team and we’ll be more than happy to assist!