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How to Maximize Your Facebook Ads ROI with the Loox-Alike Audience

Yoni Elbaz


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Jan 29

Finding the right audience to spend your advertising budget on is hard work. Having that audience convert into sales is even harder.

Wouldn’t retargeting your happy customers make it easier? Just imagine creating a custom audience of only customers that submitted positive reviews for your products.

You can stop imagining. Starting today you can integrate your Facebook pixel with Loox.

After implementing your Facebook pixel in your Loox admin, Loox will start reporting every customer that submitted a 4 or 5-star review in your store.  

You can then create a custom audience of your happy customers or others just like them, based on their interests, likes, and demography, which you could target directly in your Facebook ads.  We like to call it: The Loox-alike Audience.

Your advertising ROI is about to skyrocket, targeting your highest potential fans is just a click away, using your Loox-alike audience.

Learn how to integrate your Facebook pixel and create your Loox-alike audience

Yoni Elbaz

Yoni Elbaz is the Co-founder and CEO at Loox, the most installed product reviews and referrals app on Shopify. In his early start-up days, Yoni identified the crucial need for the easy collection and displaying of authentic customer reviews. And just like that- Loox was born. Loox is used by over 100,000 brands worldwide, that leverage the app's social-proof driven features to drive conversions and loyalty. Fun fact: Yoni has a sweet yet sometimes pompous cat named Victor and grew up playing basketball professionally.