ImmuneMist™: Building a Brand in a Competitive Market

About ImmuneMist™

ImmuneMist™ is a leading wellness brand specializing in natural immune support solutions. Their flagship product, ImmuneMist™ Oral and Nasal Spray, is formulated with a blend of essential oils designed to boost the body's defenses against pathogens. With a commitment to quality and efficacy, ImmuneMist™ has garnered a loyal customer base seeking effective immune support solutions.


Facing increasing competition in the wellness market, ImmuneMist™ recognized the importance of enhancing its online presence and optimizing its e-commerce platform to drive sales. They sought to leverage Shopify's robust features and use Loox app for review management to bolster customer trust and engagement. They were looking to achieve a significant increase in sales while maintaining the integrity of their brand. 

So how did they do it? 

Solution: Harnessing a Customer-Centric Approach for ImmuneMist

To address these challenges and capitalize on the opportunities offered by Shopify and Loox, ImmuneMist™ put these strategies into action:

First, AvidBrio’s team of Shopify developers collaborated closely with ImmuneMist™ to design and develop a customized e-commerce store to reflect the brand's identity and values. 

Then, ImmuneMist™''s marketing team implemented the following Loox features to boost their brand’s trustworthiness:

Product Ratings and Visual Reviews: Showcasing genuine customer reviews and product ratings enhances ImmuneMist™ credibility. By highlighting their customers’ user-generated content (UGC) and letting their experiences speak for themselves, they instill confidence in prospective buyers, increasing sales and boosting conversion rates.

Pop-up Widget: The Pop-up Widget displays customer reviews and ratings, no matter where a visitor is in their e-commerce store. This widget is a powerful social proof mechanism, instilling confidence in potential customers and driving conversions.

Automatic Review Request Reminder: ImmuneMist™’s automated review reminder emails prompt customers to share their feedback 14 days after order fulfillment. This proactive approach ensures optimal review collection. And the feedback they collect provides ImmuneMist with insights into customer satisfaction and valuable product improvements.

Video and Photo Reviews Incentives: ImmuneMist™ incentivizes customers to submit visual reviews by offering a 10% discount on their next order for photos, and 15% for videos. This strategy not only encourages customer retention, but also stimulates repeat orders. UGC adds authenticity to customer reviews, further strengthening the brand's reputation and encouraging engagement.


After adding visual product reviews to their store and harnessing the power of social proof, sales of ImmuneMist™ surpassed 1 million within just two years. Because of this remarkable growth, there are now plans underway to transition the store to Shopify Plus.

The implementation of Shopify and Loox was instrumental in driving maximum sales growth, fostering customer engagement, and elevating ImmuneMist™'s brand reputation in the wellness market.

From the user-friendly design of their store, to their powerful social proof through visual customer reviews, accompanied by targeted marketing efforts, ImmuneMist™' has seen an impressive growth trajectory - and they show no signs of stopping.