Loox Referrals Update: Dedicated Referrals Page

There’s this DTC brand that added $3,400 USD in 12 days.

Just through this new Loox feature.

From today on, this feature is also available to you!

Introducing: Your Dedicated Referrals Page

Last month, we released on-site referrals. A major product update that allows you to turn store visitors into brand advocates.

With just a few clicks, Loox customers are able to show their referral programs to every single store visitor. Not just to buyers.

Thousands of Shopify merchants activated this new referral program option. Including brands like Little Road Co., Neptune Blanket, and Bird & Wild.

It made tens of thousands of dollars for them.

Because of your growth-oriented mindset, you asked for more. You asked for a way to promote your referral program to even more people.

We didn’t just listen to you. We actually built it for you.

Announcing today, the Loox referrals page!

A dedicated page on your Shopify store to promote your referral program. To make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

Why You Need a Referrals Page

With the release of the on-site referrals last month, we solved a big problem for many merchants. We made sure that every single store visitor will see your referral program. Not just buyers.

Now we’re solving another problem!

With a dedicated referrals page on your Shopify store, you give your referral program a home base. All the traffic will end up here. Our conversion-optimized referral form will do the rest for you.

This dedicated referral page will help you:

  • Stay in the head of your customers longer.
  • Get more exposure to your referral offer.
  • Convert social traffic.

How? Read on!

How to Promote The Referrals Page

To help you get the most out of your referral program, here’s a list of set-and-forget marketing campaigns.

Before applying these marketing tactics, make sure to create your referrals page with Loox. It takes less than two minutes.

1. Convert Brand Advocates From Your Header And Footer

Who it’s for: Ecommerce brands that aim for quick wins. This tactic is crucial if you don’t have much time or a team to work on marketing campaigns.

Difficulty: Easy.

How to do it:

  1. In Shopify, navigate to Sales Channels > Online Store > Navigation > Main Menu:
  1. Choose “Add menu item”.
  2. Name the item “Refer a Friend” (or similar) and link to the referrals page that you’ve built with Loox:
  1. To add it to the footer, do the same, but instead of choosing “Main menu”, click on “Footer menu”.

Et voilà, you can start converting brand advocates straight from your navigation.

The kicker: you never have to touch it again. It just works for you.

2. Email Marketing Series to Stay In Your Customer's Head

Who it’s for: Ecommerce marketers that want to nail email marketing.

Difficulty: Intermediate.

How to do it:

  1. In your email marketing tool, set up a series (or pick an existing one).
  2. Add one email to the series that links to your referrals page:
  1. Set the series live.

That’s all. No additional work is required.

If you want to go the extra mile, here are more email marketing ideas:

  • Dedicated referral program campaign.
  • Include a link to your referrals page in the email footer.
  • Link up the referrals page in the last email of your abandoned checkout recovery flow.

Be creative!

3. Leverage Your Social Media Efforts

Who it’s for: Online brands and creators that want to monetize their social media channels.

Difficulty: Easy.

How to do it:

This one is super easy. You can just copy the URL of your referrals page and paste it into your bio links.

If you’re an advanced marketer and need to add several links to your bio, you can use a free service like Linkpop. (It’s powered by Shopify).

  1. Sign up for Linkpop (or a similar service):
  1. After the sign-up, click on the green “Create page” button. This will get you started.
  2. Set up your page (this will serve you as the main page on Linkpop):
  1. Click on “Add link” and give that link a title and paste the URL of your referrals page:
  1. Happy with it? Go for it and hit “Publish”
  2. Copy the Poplink URL and paste it across all of your social media pages.

4. Content Marketing For Maximum Results

Who it’s for: DTC brands that are leveraging content marketing.

Difficulty: Hard.

How to do it:

To make this work, you need to find content topics in your industry that are relevant to a referral program. Like content about friendship, family, and comradeship.

(In our example below, we assume that we’re a kids' toy brand)

  1. Produce content that your target audience likes. (For example “best jokes for kids”)
  2. Include one section that is contextual to the topic and your business.

Continuing with the “best jokes for kids” example from above, we can interview several moms and dads and let them share their jokes on our blog. This is not just great for promotion (because they will likely gonna share the blog with other parents) but also gives you the opportunity to sneak your referral program in:

“Do you like this mom’s joke? Well, moms don’t let other moms pay the full price. Join our referral program today and give your fellow moms a good discount. Plus, you’ll also get something.”

Mentioning your referral program wherever it makes sense will serve you big time.

You see, the options to promote your referral program with our new feature are almost endless!

Now it’s your turn to build a referrals page with Loox. It takes less than two minutes.