Add Visual Reviews to Post-purchase Upsells - With Loox

Combine visual reviews and one-click upsells to create upsell offers customers actually trust - with Loox Post-purchase Upsells.

Convert Trust Into Sales

Upsells are built to increase your sales. A few of your customers will take your upsell offers and buy more of your products. It works. It’s a proven way to increase sales.

But the problem was that they were not trustworthy enough, resulting in no-to-low conversion rates.

That's why you need Loox Post-purchase Upsell.

Adding social proof to your post-purchase upsell offers in the form of visual reviews will add the critical layer of trust and credibility, increasing the chance of more sales and a higher average order volume.

The industry standard among all online retailers of upsells is as low as one to four percent. Barely enough to justify the costs of an upsell app. With Loox Post-purchase Upsells, we see a sky-rocketing conversion rate of up to 13%. 

Loox upsells converts a lot better than the industry standard conversion rate for post-purchase upsells

And you don’t even have to install another app. It’s all done through Loox.

Humanize Your Upsell Offers

With Loox Post-purchase Upsells, every new sale will not just increase your bottom line but also continue to tell your brand’s story in the most authentic way: Through visual reviews. 

Every customer will be exposed to the stunning and authentic visual reviews you collected through Loox. You’re literally humanizing your upsell offers.

For your customers, it’s like getting cheered on to buy from you by people they trust. By their peers. Their tribe. Their community.

Backed by previous customers, shoppers will leave your store after the purchase with confidence in their decision and your ability to deliver an excellent product and service.

And let’s be honest: not everyone will take your upsell offers right away. For some, it’s just not the right time. It doesn’t mean they don’t love what you do. It’s just not right for them at this particular moment.

Adding visual reviews to your checkout process will automatically expose everyone to proud customers that root for your brand. It’s one of the best impressions you can leave in potential customers’ heads, don’t you think?

Optimized For Conversions: The Look & Feel

To maximize your return on investment (ROI), Loox Post-purchase Upsells takes place after the purchase of the initial order:

That way, the additional offer doesn’t run the risk of hurting the conversion rate of the initial purchase, while still being prominent enough on a dedicated upsell page.

It works like a charm. (And your CFO will love this).

How Gorilla Bow Sets New Standards With Loox Upsells

Fitness brand Gorilla Bow is the definition of innovation. Their workout product takes the best out of two industries and combines it into something very new and trendy. And they do it very successfully.

They grew from a small Kickstarter campaign to an internationally recognized brand that was featured in global fitness magazines like Men’s Health and Esquire.

Because their product is so innovative, they understood that building trust with customers plays a huge role in their marketing. That’s why they choose to go with Loox reviews. The visual-centric approach was what they needed.

Now, with Loox Upsells, Gorilla Bow was able to leverage their visual reviews even more. They see a 13.2% conversion rate in their review-injected post-purchase upsell offers.

“Loox Upsells works because it adds the layer of social proof that many need to put them over the edge from consideration to purchase. Loox is easy to use and effective!”
Patrick Maness
VP Marketing, Gorilla Bow

And you can do the same!

How to Activate Loox Post-purchase Upsell

Loox Post-purchase Upsells is available on all Loox plans.

To start activating and leveraging your visual reviews to increase sales, you first need to pick Loox as your post-purchase upsell app.

To do this, open your Shopify Admin, navigate to your settings, select “Checkout and accounts” and choose Loox as your post-purchase app:

Easily activate Loox post-purchase upsells from your Shopify admin

From there, it all happens inside your Loox settings. Here’s an in-depth explanation you can follow to set up your first trustworthy upsell offers.