New in March: Filter reviews by ratings, Smart Upsell updates, and more!

Filter reviews by ratings

This highly requested feature allows your customers to filter reviews on the Product Reviews Widget by rating.

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Smart Upsell Updates

In case you missed it: Smart Upsell automatically offers your customers the product with the best chance of being added to their order post-purchase.

And we’ve made some exciting enhancements. Check it out:

Secondary Upsell Offer

To further increase post-purchase conversions, Smart Upsell now presents an additional offer, depending on if the first was accepted or not.

Exclude Products

Add another layer of customization to Smart Upsell by excluding products that you don’t want to appear in your Smart Upsell offers.

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How Gorilla Bow Increased Average Order Value with Social Proof Upsell

Using social proof in post-purchase upsell offers, Gorilla Bow achieved an 11% conversion rate after purchase - 3X the industry average.

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New Loox Walkthrough Video

Need a refresher on everything you can accomplish with Loox? Watch this 4-minute video.

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