Reduce cart abandonment with the Cart Reviews Widget

One of the last (but most crucial) steps in the buyer journey is the cart. It’s where shoppers review their selected items and make the final decision about whether to purchase. 

But, at this stage, 70% of customers on average abandon their cart without making a purchase. This means for every 100 customers who add items to their cart, only 30 convert. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the Cart Reviews Widget, designed especially to reduce cart abandonment by showing product ratings and reviews on the cart page itself. 

Why it matters

You need to nurture your site visitors throughout their buying journey. By the time they get to the checkout page, they should be confident in your products and your brand. 

With the Cart Reviews widget, you can display product reviews and ratings at this final decision-making stage to help guide customers confidently to checkout and secure the trust needed to make a sale. 

Building trust and easing concerns

By showcasing ratings and reviews at the cart stage, you’ll immediately reduce the perceived risk associated with purchasing from your store. Customers will feel more confident that they are buying from a store with a proven track record of positive customer experiences.

Reducing indecisiveness 

The Cart Reviews Widget displays shows potential customers that people have already purchased the product and loved it. By seeing reviews with photos, they can actually visualize the product and see it in action, making them more likely to buy. 

How to get started

The Cart Reviews Widget is available for all Loox merchants and takes a few seconds to set up. For a step-by-step walkthrough, read this Help Center article.

As always, if you need any help, send an email to We’re available 24/7.