Take the guesswork out of your post-purchase offers with Smart Upsell

We're excited to introduce Smart Upsell, a powerful new feature designed to make post-purchase upsells simpler to set up and better at converting.

Loox Upsell allows you to prompt customers to add more items to their cart after they have completed their checkout, presented alongside that item’s ratings and reviews. Adding social proof helps customers see the product in action, building strong trust and increasing conversion rates by over 30%.

And now, there’s no more need to guess which is the best product to offer. Smart Upsell analyzes what your customers have bought before and automatically selects the product with the best chance of being added to each customer's order. It displays a personalized upsell offer alongside trustworthy social proof to help seal the deal. This approach enhances the customer journey, increases average order values, and generates more sales.

Why is it important?

No More Guesswork

Smart Upsell removes the need for manual product selection. It analyzes your store's historical sales data and auto-generates a relevant upsell offer by identifying the items often bought with the products in a customer's cart (that are in stock, of course). This ensures you are offering products that have the highest chance of being added to customers’ orders.

Better Customer Experience

Generic offers that don't align with your customers' preferences may impact their shopping experience. By analyzing past orders, Smart Upsell has a clear understanding of your customers' behaviors and current sales trends. It can provide highly relevant product suggestions that enhance the customer experience, making your offers more enticing and aligned with what your customers want. Showing that you understand your customers' needs is a great way to foster better connections with them, encouraging loyalty and repeat purchases. 

Simple Setup

Deciding which products to promote in your upsell offers can be time-consuming. Smart Upsell simplifies the setup process, eliminating the need to create multiple upsell offers. It even accommodates new product additions seamlessly, so you don’t need to remember to add new offers every time you launch a new product. 

How to get started

If you’re new to Upsell, you’ll just need to select Loox as your post-purchase app (if you haven’t already), set the discount, and you're ready to go! If you already have upsell offers, you can easily add Smart Upsell in a couple of clicks.

You can still create and configure upsell offers manually. If your manual offers aren't triggered by the customer's cart, Smart Upsell will be displayed by default.

Smart Upsell is available for all Loox merchants. For a more detailed walkthrough, read this Help Center article.

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As always, if you need any help, send an email to support@loox.io. We’re available 24/7.