Text Customization for Your Brand with Loox

If you’ve been using Loox, you know that there are several touchpoints with your customers along the way; review form, review request and reminder emails, thank you page, widgets, and more.

Every business, whether it is just getting started or is already established with a pool of customers, works on creating its voice. This refers to the choice of words, attitudes, and values of the brand that convey the personality of your business to its audience. A brand voice is what helps to create a unified language and vision to engage the audience and turn them to customers.

We know merchants are working hard on having their store stand out, make it a brand.
By heading to the Customize Text section in your Settings tab side menu, you’ll be able to customize all customer-facing texts to fit your voice. This is where you get to make Loox yours.

If you want to change the language or just customize the wording, you are able to edit all Loox headers, titles, and texts, including:

  • Photo reminder email
  • Review submission form
  • Star rating titles
  • Write a Review, View Product and other CTA buttons
  • Thank you page
  • Discount offering
  • And more!