3 Review Widgets You Should Add to Your Homepage

Just like a physical store, the homepage of your online store should attract and invite visitors to explore it.

It's all about making a great first impression by showcasing your brand, highlighting key products or promotions, and providing an overview of what your store has to offer.

Here are a few Loox Widgets we recommend adding to your homepage so that you capture your visitors' attention, drive them to view more of your product pages, and become paying customers - the ultimate goal.

Carousel Widgets

From Gallery to Testimational to Cards, there’s a Carousel Widget for you.

Select your favorite reviews  - the ones that will help make the best first impression on your visitors - and the design that fits best your brand identity and homepage layout. 

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Trust Badge

The Trust Badge Widget is your verified badge of social proof.

Adding a trust badge above the fold on your homepage gives visitors a glimpse of your body of social proof. It’s the perfect way to show off all of those reviews you’ve collected. Instantly boost your credibility before visitors even make it to your product pages and give them a reason to stay on your store. 

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Reviews Sidebar Widget

Allow easy access to all of your reviews, anywhere on your store. And what better place to highlight all of your social proof than on your homepage, the first place many of your potential customers land? 

With the Review Sidebar Widget, you’ll add a subtle (and fully customizable) tab to the side of the screen, where visitors can click and open a floating widget with all of your product reviews. 

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