Feature Spotlight: Trust Badge

Shoppers decide within seconds if they trust you enough to make a purchase. You don’t have much time to convince them. That’s why it’s crucial for your success to help them make an educated decision about the trustworthiness of your brand.

Customer reviews are a powerful tool for building trust. But for some extra busy shoppers, it takes too much time to read through them all. They want a summary of your social proof so they can quickly and easily assess your brand’s credibility.

So, how do you secure instant trust with store visitors? By putting your visual social proof front and center with the Loox Trust Badge

What is a Trust Badge?

The Trust Badge widget provides a snapshot of how many reviews your store has collected as well as your average star rating, in one visually compelling widget. 

Trust Badges reassure customers that they can trust your brand at the most critical time - as soon as they land on your site. Think of this widget as a certified stamp of social proof.

How can I add a Trust Badge to my store?

You can place a Trust Badge anywhere on your site, from your homepage to product pages. 

We recommend showcasing a Trust Badge on your homepage to secure instant credibility. This will encourage visitors to spend more time on your site and explore your product pages.

For instructions on how to add a Trust Badge to your homepage, check out this article.

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