Feature Spotlight: Rating Widget

Product ratings are the first thing shoppers look for to decide how reliable your product is. They are key to a trustworthy e-commerce product page that converts. 

With the Loox Rating Widget, you can customize the rating icon and color to match your brand and make your product pages stand out.

Check out how some of our merchants customized the Rating Widget to reflect their brand

SheRadiance uses the single rating icon layout in their branded purple to match their clean and playful store aesthetic.

Legendary Aviation Coffee Company uses a bright red coffee bean icon to stand out against the dark background of their store.

Growoya displays a green plant icon to highlight the garden accessories they sell. 

Fabulous Planning utilizes pink hearts to give their Rating Widget a fun and playful look.

Lastu selected the leaf icon to echo their brand logo, and uses their brand color to tie it all together.

Kenum showcases their ratings using the mug icon in a pastel color, making the Rating Widget look native to their store.

The Happiness Project takes the classic star rating to the next level with rounded corners and purple, one of their brand colors.

How can I customize the Rating Widget?

Ready to customize your Rating Widget? Check out this article for instructions on how to change the icon, color, and more.

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