7 Tips for Writing a Winning Review Request Email

E-commerce brands that want to optimize for conversions need product reviews. Studies show that: 

  • Customers spend 31% more when a business has positive reviews
  • When a product gets five reviews, the likelihood of purchase increases by 270%.

So don’t leave your customers in the dark. Collect as many product reviews on your store as possible. 

And how do you do that? With a really good review request email. 

Customizing your review request email is easy with Loox.

We've laid out 7 tips for writing a winning review request email that customers will actually respond to. And, you'll find free email templates to help you take your review request emails up a notch.

7 Tips for Writing a Winning Review Request Email

1. Keep it Short and Sweet

Make sure that your review email is short and to the point. No time for fluff. Here’s the default Loox review request email template. It’s short, sweet, and easy to read.

2. Focus on Conversions

Focus on what matters - getting your customers to leave a review. Don't try to make customers sign up for your newsletter or read your blog.

That's why our default review request email is focused 100% on optimizing response rates. Featuring only one button, it directs your customers' attention solely towards submitting a review.

3. Match Your Brand’s Voice And Tone

The key to making an effective review request is using the right words. Use your brand’s voice and tone consistently throughout the buyer journey, from your store homepage to the emails you send to your customers. Your customers should be able to recognize that the email came from you.

For example, if you have a light and playful tone on your website, continue that language in the review request form.

4. Make it Attractive to Leave a Review

Offer a discount on the next purchase in return for a review that includes photos or videos. By offering a discount, you’ll not only increase the chances of getting visual reviews but also increase customer lifetime value.

And by offering a different discount for photo and video reviews, you can increase the amount of video reviews you receive by 500%.

Don’t forget to mention the discount in your email, either in the banner or the body of the post. 

Tip: Don’t mention the discount in the subject line. Your customers’ email providers may identify the email as promotional or spam.

5. Make it Personal

While it’s important to keep your tone professional, it’s also vital to show that you care about the customer. Speaking directly to them is one way to achieve that.

6. Use your banner image wisely

Your email banner is valuable real estate. It has the power to capture your reader’s attention and get them to engage with your email. 

Spice up your email banner by showing reviews other customers have left for your store. Or take the opportunity to introduce some humor (if your brand and product allow this). 

7. Don’t forget about the subject line

For customers to leave a review, you have to make sure they actually open your email. Your subject line should be short, to the point, and engaging. 

We found that mentioning the order number in the subject line leads to a high open rate. It makes the email appear as a transactional email rather than a marketing email. On average, we see open rates of 50% with the order number included.

Review Request Email Templates

Here are some templates to help you spice up your subject lines and email copy:

Subject Line Ideas:

How was it, Order #[ ]?

Order #[ ], spare a moment to share your experience

Order #[ ], what did you think?

Review Request Email Templates:

Dear [Name],

We hope you're enjoying your recent purchase from [Your Brand]. We'd love to hear about your experience. Your feedback helps us improve.

As a token of appreciation, here's a 10% discount for your next purchase. Click below to leave your review!

Best regards,

[Your Brand]

Hey [Customer Name],

We hope you’re happy with your new [Product Name] from [Your Brand]!

Mind sharing your thoughts? Your feedback means a lot. Plus, we're tossing in a [Discount Amount] discount on your next order for your time. Click below to leave your review!


[Your Brand]

Hey [Customer Name],

Hope you're enjoying the [Product Name] you got from us! Your opinion rocks, seriously! Share your thoughts, and here's a surprise - 20% off on your next purchase! Can't wait to hear from you!


[Your Brand]

Need more inspiration?

Want to see how other brands have customized their review request emails to align with their brand and optimize response rates? Visit our Review Request Email Inspiration page.

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