Feature Spotlight: Happy Customers Page

Don’t make visitors work to trust you. Strive to make trust the default state of mind. 


With a wall of love, a.k.a. a Happy Customers Page

Take Shopify Plus brands Replica Surfaces and Blendjet. They foster this sense of trust with their visitors by showcasing all of the positive reviews they’ve earned over the years in one place. And, each review is linked to the purchased product. It's a sales magnet.

What is a Happy Customers Page?

You’ve collected a goldmine of powerful reviews from your happy customers. Great job! 

These reviews live in different widgets across your product pages and homepage. Now, take the power of your social proof one step further by creating a dedicated Happy Customers Page.   

A Happy Customers Page is a standalone page on your store that showcases all your hard-earned social proof in one place. Aka, your wall of love. 

How do I build a Happy Customer Page? 

Create a happy customer’s page by following the instructions in this article

Place this page in your store’s navigation bar so store visitors can easily access all of your reviews when they arrive at your store. You can also send the link to potential customers in your marketing efforts. It’s an easy way to gain your visitors’ trust and increase conversions by exposing them to the experiences of all of your happy customers. 

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