Feature Spotlight: Snippets Widget

Reviews play a crucial role in boosting sales. Don't let your best ones get lost at the bottom of your product pages.

Put the reviews you are most proud of at the heart of your product pages to effortlessly secure more sales.

With the Snippets Widget, you can display your most valuable product reviews at the top of your product pages, to build instant trust, and encourage visitors to click 'add to cart'. 

It ensures your hard-earned social proof is always visible to visitors, who might spend as little as a few seconds on product pages.

See how some of our merchants leverage their positive reviews

LUMI Beauty uses yellow, one of their brand colors, as background to make their product reviews pop below the Rating Widget.

Husk & Seed Skincare displays their product reviews above the product description with a beautiful on-brand pink border and white background to blend effortlessly on their product pages.

PuppyAll have their puppies experience shine with a customized widget using a “offset light” shadow type.

Cafe Tarco keeps the widget borderless to seamlessly blend into their product description, allowing the review to feel a part of the purchase experience. 

Lou & Mark Presents highlights some of their best product reviews using a grey background to stand out above the 'Add to cart' button.

Planteia shares their customers' love beautifully by customizing the widget with rounded corners, matching their description blocks and buttons.

Hawaiian South Shore places the widget at the top of their product pages to put their social proof front and center, making sure no visitor misses it. 

Ocular Sounds stretches their widget with a large width setting, to fit their product pages and create an eye-catching block. 

Looking for more inspiration? Visit the Snippets Widget Inspiration page.

How can I add the Snippets Widget to my store?

You can place the Snippets widget on any of your product pages - with just a few clicks. 

We recommend displaying it right at the top of your product pages, so no matter how long a visitor spends on the page, they are immediately exposed to your customers’ experiences and more likely to click “add-to-cart”.

For instructions on how to add the Snippets Widget to your product pages, check out this article.

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