From Reviews to Revenue: How Loox Transforms Conversion Rates

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, boosting conversion rates is always a priority. With countless online stores competing for consumers' attention, businesses must constantly seek ways to build buyers' trust and set themselves apart from the competition.

One powerful strategy for increasing conversion rates is leveraging customer reviews. Research says it loud and clear: having reviews can boost your sales, big time. PowerReviews found that 97% of customers read product reviews and ratings before purchasing. But not just any reviews will do. Potential customers value authentic, visual reviews even more than text-only ones - 88% of shoppers specifically look for photos and videos before making a purchase. 

Enter Loox, the industry leader of beautiful, visual reviews

Starting off, Loox has an industry-leading average email open rate of 50%, ensuring your review requests are not only seen, but actually responded to. And with an average review submission rate of 10%, you can rest assured that you're gathering valuable feedback to optimize your products and services further.

But let's talk about the real game-changer: visual reviews. As a Loox merchant, you can collect up to 60% photo and video reviews, making your product pages come to life like never before. Say goodbye to boring, text-only reviews and hello to engaging, trust-building content that drives conversions.

Going beyond conversions

In addition to boosting conversions, Loox also plays a crucial role in customer retention. By offering repeat purchase discounts in exchange for visual reviews, Loox incentivizes customers to keep coming back for more. In fact, over 21% of all discounts offered for a visual review were redeemed by customers in 2023 alone, highlighting the significant impact Loox has on driving revenue and loyalty for its merchants. 

Loox goes beyond just generating reviews; it's a social proof solution that drives engagement, boosts conversions, and fosters customer loyalty through reviews, referrals, and upsells. On top of that, it comes with a huge variety of beautiful widgets and is super simple to set up. Learn how to start collecting reviews on autopilot with Loox.