UGC Definition: How Ecommerce Sites Can Crush it

UGC means "User-Generated Content".

And sometimes it's also described as User-Created Content.

But to be honest with you, a definition is not even worth a penny.

That's why I'm going to show you something worth thousands of dollars today.

Something that you can use in your business:

I will give you a UGC playbook.

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Then read on to learn how to nail marketing with user-generated content.

<span id="What-Does-User-Generated-Content-Mean">What Does User-Generated Content Mean?</span>

User-generated content (UGC) can be of any type of content. It usually comes in the form of photos, videos, testimonials, and blog posts. And is the act of happy customers promoting a brand rather than a brand itself.

UGC sounds like another marketing buzzword, doesn't it? Actually, it has been blazing bright for quite some time and there goes a lot into it.

Let's get started with the most important form of UGC...

<span id="UGC-Product-Review-and-Ratings">UGC Product Review and Ratings</span>

Using customer reviews and ratings is important. It builds trust. Shoppers will know that they don't have to worry about buying from you.

Like this example from ecommerce brand (runs on Shopify) BlendJet:

Shopify store BlendJet displays user-generated content photo reviews with the Shopify app Loox

In fact, 88% of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their buying decisions. So you can't risk leaving them out.

Do it like BlendJet. A nine-figure brand that runs on Shopify. They dominate the market with visual user-generated content. Here's how they increase their conversion rate by using Loox.

Reviews and ratings are valuable for your customers. Don't fight it. They provide them with an assurance that your company is reliable.

Give future buyers access to learn more about your products. And let them learn from real customers. Not only from you. You might even learn a few things that could help you improve your ecommerce site.

Without reviews, you run the risk of appearing like a sleazy salesperson. A salesperson who wants to trick customers into buying your deceptive products.

With them, you not only seem like a brand that cares about its customers, but you also seem like you have a product that you believe in! And that's what you do, right? 

<span id="User-Generated-Content-Boosts-Your-Sales">User-Generated Content Boosts Your Sales</span>

UGC is not only about marketing and advertising. It’s also about building relationships with your audience.

Trying to build an online community around your brand? Perfect, UGC is one of the best ways to do so. Go for it. 

It has to be part of every content strategy in 2022.

Here's why: 

<span id="User-Generated-Content-Makes-Your-Customer-the-Hero">#1: User-Generated Content Makes Your Customer the Hero</span>

Customer-oriented businesses are on the rise. Companies have to keep pace with the changing trends of consumers. With so much going on in our fast-paced world, attention spans can snap away with one click.

If brands don't cater to their customers, their customers will find a different brand. One that does. One that is willing to work harder on their UGC campaigns.

Slimy marketing tactics don't work anymore. That's it. Online users become savvier in knowing if a company does use these tactics. If they do... well, they're not going to trust them anymore.

<span id="Customer-Trust-Other-Peoples-Opinion">#2: Customer Trust Other Peoples' Opinion</span>

Over the past decade, the idea of the "sleazy" marketer has reached unprecedented heights. The average person isn't impressed by pushy salespeople in a suite anymore.

Brands that work with UGC rave stories, connections, and interactions with other humans.

We've always been buying into user-generated content. But there are now platforms to make it more available across the globe.

And here's a fact for you:

92% of people are more likely to trust recommendations from other customers. (compared to trust a brand's own marketing message). Wow. It's clear to understand how far the trust between customers and marketers has stretched

You need to adopt. And you need to do it now.

<span id="User-Generated-Content-is-Affordable">#3: User-Generated Content is Affordable</span>

User-Generated Content (UGC) is all about the users sharing their own content. Most of them are unpaid and they do it for various reasons.

Maybe they want to share their experience. Maybe they want to build connections with like-minded people. Or maybe they just want to have a chance of winning something.

Whatever it is, it costs you way less than most marketing activities. 

With UGC, the users run the show. Marketers don't have to spend any money on campaigns that may - or might not - perform.

A little secret: UGC is affordable. Yes. You know that by now. Wanna know what's free? Our UGC checklist with all dos and don'ts. So you can nail your own UGC campaign. Click the black button below and enter your email in the pop-up that appears.

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Almost too good to be true.

But there's even more.

<span id="User-Generated-Content-is-Great-For-Branding">#4: User-Generated Content is Great For Branding</span>

When UGC became a thing, businesses were hesitant. They feared using user-generated content to represent their brand.

It was difficult to justify taking the risk of using "amateur" content. I mean, they had access to professional content.

But then something happened. Something that changed everything.

The quality of photos taken with a smartphone camera increased. A lot. It was no longer an option for brands to ignore user-generated content.

A few years ago, you'd need to spend $10,000 on a 4K camera. No one would have bought one only to submit a video review. Now, in 2022, even regular people have such a camera in their pocket. All day, every day. Not only professional videographers.

Consider this: People upload 350 million photos and videos on Facebook.

And this: over 95 million photos and videos get shared on Instagram.

And this: 500 million tweets get posted on Twitter.

Every. Single. Day.

Numbers don't lie. User-generated content has become the most trustworthy and influential source of content.

Still not convinced? Well...

<span id="UGC-Has-a-Positive-Impact-on-Google-Rankings">#5: UGC Has a Positive Impact on Google Rankings</span>

Search engines rank fresh and useful content in their search results higher. The steady stream of user-generated content helps a lot. Especially if you have the reviews on your site.

Here's a statistic to back it up:

Kissmetrics found that the most popular brands in the world rank higher by 25%. All because of successful user content.

I bet you can't argue on the benefits of UGC anymore.

Want to Grow Your Business Using UGC?

User-Generated Content increases three core business aspects:

  1. Trust.
  2. Traffic.
  3. Sales.

We created a UGC checklist with all the dos and don'ts.

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