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“This success wouldn’t have been possible without Loox’s world-class solution. We've collected thousands of reviews across our stores and the photo reviews are crazy powerful.”

Daniel, Co-Founder, Volant


Case Study

How Volant Went from $0 to $2M in 1 Year Using Social Proof

“Loox is great because of its photo-first focus. We have a very visual product and Loox helps us show how good it looks and a ton of social proof. This is a game-changer for a business like ours.”

Co-Founder of Volant
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Case Study

How City Bonfires Rapidly Grew its Brand through Photo-First Product Reviews

"I use Loox product reviews across all of my marketing channels, including social, blog posts, email, and paid ads. They play a significant role in attracting new customers, strengthening our brand presence, and increasing loyalty."

Tiffany Anzalone McCasland
Head of Marketing
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Case Study

How BlendJet Added an Extra $238K in Sales With Referrals (4-Step Strategy Inside)

"I don’t think this brand would have grown from something that no one had heard of less than a year ago into where we are today, if it wasn’t for the confidence instilled in our customers by all of the incredible reviews that are powered by Loox."

Ryan Pamplin
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