Replica Surfaces: Homepage Breakdown

Replica Surfaces became the industry leader in the home photography space by mastering Social Proof Marketing.

Today we’re going to break down Replica Surfaces' highly converting homepage, so you, too, can become the leader of your industry.

Founded by Canadian actress and entrepreneur Mandy Gleason, Replica Surfaces sells products that range from photo-realistic backgrounds for photographers to a digital course on in-home photography.

Their key to success? Social Proof Marketing.

Here’s the breakdown:

1. The Social Proof Hero Section (Above The Fold)

80% of shoppers spend their time above the fold. They never scroll.

No wonder Replica Surfaces wants to make sure they are recognized as a trustworthy brand that is delivering on their promises.

The hero section contains four social proof elements:

  1. Reviews: all reviews on a dedicated “Happy Customers” page.
  2. Customer photos: the customers are the heroes.
  3. Review star icons: five stars are the universal sign of quality.
  4. Review count: adding review count backs up the star icons.

The sum of all these social proof elements builds the trust that makes shoppers dive deeper into the site.

2. The User-Generated Content Carousel

TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts: vertical videos are here to stay. Shoppers from all around the world are used to this format.

And so it makes sense to display the same format on a storefront.

Instead of hiring an expensive videographer, Replica Surface highlights their real customers by using a carousel of videos that contains user-generated content (UGC).

3. The Cognitive Bias Advantage

In his famous “25 Cognitive Biases”, Charlie Munger (best buddy of Wall Street legend Warren Buffet) said that people are influenced by the association with other brands. It’s called “The Influence From Mere Association Bias”.

Replica Surfaces leverages the reputation of successful brands to gain credibility by displaying the logos of popular publications. Such as The New York Times and Entrepreneur Magazine.

4. The Success Stories

Replica Surfaces sells products to professionals who want to level up their photography game. For them, it’s an investment, not a toy. They want to see results.

What better way to prove that success is within reach than by sharing success stories of customers?

Here’s one:

“My Slate Replica Surface helped me land my first magazine cover.”

Social proof at its best. It works like a charm.

5. The Incentivized Instagram Call to Action

It’s a known fact that social proof works for conversion rate optimization. Replica Surfaces takes it to a whole new level. They turn social proof into an acquisition engine by incentivizing Instagram tagging.

That’s a smart move because they know that their customers’ audiences are full of other photographers.

6. The Customer Reviews

Now to the good part: customer reviews.

Reviews set the stage above the fold. Now, a few sections further down the site, they appear as a highlight. They continue the social proof-injected storytelling.

Replica Surfaces didn’t hire a copywriter to write clever sales copy. They chose to let their customers speak, which is the most authentic voice a brand can have.

Replica Surfaces uses Loox to incentivize, collect and highlight reviews that turn into sales: Loox brought in nearly $300,000 in additional sales through review -incentivized discount codes.

“I switched to Loox from another review app and am so happy that I did. The reviews with photos is a great idea and everything has run perfectly.”
Mandy Gleason
CEO and Founder, Replica Surfaces

Try the Social Proof Marketing platform Replica Surfaces use 14 days for free here.

7. The Facebook Reviews

More is more.

To double down on social proof, Replica Surfaces showcases the reviews they collect on Facebook.

More reviews = more customers. It’s that simple.

8. The Facebook Community

Replica Surfaces lives and breathes Social Proof Marketing.

They heavily invest in activities and initiatives that help them grow their business through the power of trust.

That’s why they built a community of more than 16,000 photographers, aka. potential customers on Facebook. And to make sure that store visitors who are not (yet) ready to buy still get value from visiting the Replica Surface homepage, they include a call to action to the community.

It’s a great trade:

  • The visitor gets an invitation to a community of like-minded people.
  • Replica Surfaces can capture their hard-earned traffic.

Nice little Social Proof Marketing hack: “Community” is a stronger word than “Group”.

9. The Social Proof Footer

Backed by thousands of happy customers, Replica Surfaces delivers an end-to-end Social Proof Marketing experience.

From the hero section to the footer:

The numbers don’t lie:

  • Thousands of Loox reviews.
  • Hundreds of thousands in additional sales through Loox.
  • 132K+ Instagram followers.
  • 16K+ Facebook community members.
“Loox is easy to set up and customer support helped me when I had a question right away. I plan on being with Loox for a long time. Highly Recommended!”
Mandy Gleason
CEO and Founder, Replica Surfaces

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