Tabs Sex Chocolate: Homepage Breakdown

It only needs one product for two people to build a viral product and get hundreds of millions of TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and YT Shorts views.

Meet: Tabs.

On the surface, Tabs sells chocolate for adults. But it’s actually more than that. Tabs sells a lifestyle, and a whole new generation celebrates it.

Today we’re going to break down their homepage and learn how they master Social Proof Marketing to create virality (and sales).

The Social Proof Hero Section (Above The Fold)

Tabs sells a product that is different, which makes it hard for a copywriter to come up with good copy that converts.

The solution?

Their slogan (“Break. Bite. Bang.”) and a strong testimonial written by a popular online magazine.

This simple technique, replacing your own copy with a testimonial, works. Why? By default, people don’t trust new companies. So no matter how good you write about yourself, if others write good about you, it’s always stronger and more trustworthy.

Tabs tops it off with a recognizable brand logo.

The Conversion Section

Tabs’ homepage is Tab’s product page. This reduces friction and increases conversions.

And because of that, their homepage has to be optimized. They can’t rely on a product page to convince shoppers to become buyers.

To achieve that, Tabs displays the product alongside 5-star icons and the review count. This builds instant trust and increases the likelihood of a sale.

The Customer Photos Slider

Professional photos are good, but real customer photos are better. They don’t just display a product, they add life to the product. And, more important than anything else, they add social proof.

Tabs features a hand-picked collection of real customer photos on their homepage.

The Social Proof Marketing Center

Tabs works with tons of social media creators that genuinely love their product and brand. The amount of content they put out is stunning.

To highlight this content, Tabs is repurposing their user-generated content videos alongside a testimonial and a reviews CTA. This is the ultimate social proof conversion hack.

The Reviews

If new visitors are still not convinced to buy, Tabs also displays all of their reviews on their homepage. This will give shoppers the last push they need to turn them into buyers.

Tabs is using Loox to collect, display and highlight photo and text reviews.

The Social Media Promotion Footer

Tabs understands the creator economy. And with millions of views on social media and high website traffic, Tabs wants to give everyone the chance to promote their products and get a kickback.

It’s a win-win.

That’s why you can apply to become a brand ambassador for Tabs straight from the footer.

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