24 DTC Social Proof Ads That Made Their Founders Millions

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1. The TikTok Social Proof ad

Brand: Magic Spoon

Industry: Food

Ad style: As seen on TikTok style

Review: This ad instantly grabs the attention with its bright colors and shows the audience this is the #1 cereal you should try. With 60.000+ 5-star reviews, it's safe to say that Magic Spoon enjoys a lot of trust.

2. The Trusted Viagra ad

Brand: Hims

Industry: Health

Ad style: Comparison that builds trust ad

Review: This “discreet” ad shows that regular viagra is extremely expensive. Additionally, it shows that Hims’ option is licensed by medical providers and is a trusted treatment option as it’s quite a touchy subject for people to consider. Discreet delivery helps build trust as well! And, to top it off, the image is a normal photo - no fancy photoshoot.

3. The Removal ad

Brand: Nood

Industry: Health & Beauty

Ad style: Benefit points with big headline

Review: This aesthetic ad catches your attention in the blink of an eye. It shows a big and bold headline with 3 main selling points and seals the deal with a star rating. A simple but effective tried and proven method!

4. The Before and After ad

Brand: Sand & Sky

Industry: Healthy & Beauty

Ad style: Before & After results ad

Review: Before and afters can be tricky, but there are ways around it. Sand & Sky found a perfect way to showcase the results before using their product and 2 weeks after!

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5. The Big and Bold Static ad

Brand: Obvi

Industry: Health & Beauty

Ad style: Social proof with big bold headline

Review: Obvi always does a great job with their bright and bold statics showing a main problem with simple product shots. They align the landing page with that problem which is a guaranteed way to convert their audience.

6. The Sleep Better ad

Brand: Dosaze

Industry: Wellness

Ad style: Headline With Review

Review: This ad is great but simple. It allows for fast ad testing and iteration, where the headline can be swapped within seconds. Copy-wise, all you need is a customer review.

7. The Wavy Review + Benefits ad

Brand: Jimmy Joy

Industry: Food & Drink

Ad style: Review quote + benefit points

Review: I love bright backgrounds with a product shot or with someone using the product. It’s a great way of standing out in the newsfeed and guaranteeing a high CTR.

8. The Feeling Good and Standing Out ad

Brand: Feel Goods

Industry: Health & Wellness 

Ad style: Big and bold headline with benefit points + social proof

Review: Very simple ad. They have taken the product render, put it on a bright background, and added benefit points with cool icons next to it. At the bottom of this ad, they added an eye-catching social proof part of how many products have been sold.

9. The Notes App ad

Brand: Prose

Industry: Health & Beauty

Ad style: Notes ad

Review: This is something I’ve never seen before. Very simple to make but very innovative. If you’re in dark mode, this will stand out!

10. The Joggers Static Review ad

Brand: BYLT Basics

Industry: Clothing

Ad style: Review quote + product

Review: Very simple ad. Straight to the point, and no need for extra fluff. These are the best joggers ever. You don’t need to look elsewhere.

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11. The Anti Dropshipping ad

Brand: CRAFTD 

Industry: Jewelry 

Ad style: High Quality image + bold claim

Review: Great messaging here. They immediately address the fact that a lot of jewelry brands dropship products. CRAFTD doesn’t and makes it crystal clear. Additionally, a big and bold claim on how many 5-star reviews they’ve gotten.

12. The Pink Pill ad

Brand: FLO

Industry: Health & Beauty

Ad style: Review quote ad

Review: Pink is such an attention-grabbing color. It is bright and bold. Flo makes great use of it. Their product also grabs the attention very well with a pill that looks very visually appealing. The review is very strong as well that speaks directly to their target audience.

13. The Full Package ad

Brand: Onnit

Industry: Health & Wellness

Ad style: Product in use with review

Review: A brand like Onnit doesn’t need much explanation. The review says enough. 2-part daily package for your vitamin needs.

14. The Whole Package ad

Brand: Heart & Soil

Industry: Health & Wellness

Ad style: Review quote ad

Review: Clean and to the point. Stock photo background, render of product, and white review box. Great ad for retargeting and showing how people enjoy Heart & Soil supplements.

15. The Big Bowl ad

Brand: Huel

Industry: Food & Drink

Ad style: Lifestyle image + text

Review: Over 200 million meals sold. It doesn’t get much stronger than that. Huel does a great job of showing why you need their product. The image looks tasty and gets you right in the “I want to try that, too” feel.

16. The Never Seen Before Stick ad

Brand: BOOM

Industry: Health & Beauty

Ad style: Simple headline + product

Review: One of the most simple ads I’ve seen. But it radiates social proof. 30,000 women love these makeup sticks. They look cool and intrigue me with what they are all about (even though I’m a guy!)

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17. The Clean Water ad

Brand: Filterbaby

Industry: Appliances 

Ad style: Story size review ad

Review: Do you change your ads from feed to stories? Both can work. Stories do have the benefit of showing more context and more material. Filterbaby does a great job explaining more about their product with a big headline and a small sub-headline. 

18. The How It Started vs How It’s Going ad

Brand: Curology

Industry: Health & Beauty

Ad style: Before and After Ad

Review: Curology does a great job innovating the standard before and after ads. They could have go ahead and framed it as everyone does, but they did a great take on it and made it “how it started vs how it’s going”. Now it's more appealing to a younger audience.

19. The Times ad 

Brand: Exhale Coffee

Industry: Food & Drink

Ad style: Authority Review Ad

Review: Authority reviews are super strong and trustworthy (especially if it's The Times).

20. The Infrared ad

Brand: MiHIGH

Industry: Health & Beauty

Ad style: Multiple Review Quotes Ad

Review: This ad makes me wonder what it is… Do you know without looking at the reviews? I couldn’t figure it out. This is a great method of intriguing people into clicking. Then the reviews of authority publishers help the ad give context.

21. The Sheeeeet What a Review ad

Brand: Cozy Earth

Industry: Home Appliances 

Ad style: Review Ad

Review: How do you advertise sheets? Testimonials! It’s quite a purchase you want to get right at once. Using an established authority like Yahoo! helps build that trust.

22. The Waste ad

Brand: Lomi

Industry: Appliances

Ad style: Comparison ad

Review: This just gets you. It has a big red emblem of what people regularly use and shows green checkmarks of what the Lomi helps you do. A showstopper and a guarantee for a truckload of sales!

23. The Juicy ad

Brand: Moon Juice

Industry: Health & Beauty

Ad style: Customer quote ad

Review: A great way of highlighting a specific phrase in a review is by making it bold. This review is excellently picked to address most pain points people face before using their product.

24. The Mushroom ad

Brand: RYZE

Industry: Food & Drinks

Ad style: Before and After Ad

Review: The claim is simple and effective: "In less than 2 weeks, you will get this". While it may be a bit of a crazy claim, it does show some great social proof of what someone has achieved using RYZE.

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